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Mr. Meat Walkthrough Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Uncover the Piggish Butcher’s Secrets

Mr. Meat is a horror game developed by Keplerians, the same studio behind Evil Nun 2 and Ice Scream 4: Rod’s Factory. The game is set in the home of the titular butcher and a student by the name of Amelia Clark has gone missing after applying for an internship at Mr. Meat’s butcher shop. You have decided to investigate Mr. Meat’s property for her whereabouts but what you will find is a lot more than a mere kidnapping.

mr meat intro

Like most of Keplerians’ previous titles, Mr. Meat uses stealth elements to hide from the butcher as you perform your investigation. These include using cabinets and chests as hiding spots, as well as finding paths hidden between the walls so that you do not have to use the doors and risk encountering Mr. Meat as he patrols his home. There are some means of defending yourself, but most of the time your best option when getting spotted is to run and hide.

mr meat house front

Mr. Meat features three endings you can unlock depending on what actions you take, each with its own set of challenges for you to overcome. Our Mr. Meat walkthrough guide will cover the first third of the game, which basically consists of gaining access to the rest of the map. Then, we will give you steps to help you complete each ending as we go. Stay a while and learn how to see each ending to Mr. Meat!

The Meat Of The Game

As mentioned previously, Mr. Meat takes place at the butcher’s home where you will have to sneak about finding clues on Amelia’s location while avoiding the butcher’s sight. Aside from a rather angry pig in the backyard barn, Mr. Meat is the only real threat you have to deal with as he patrols his lot. You only have three nights to rescue Amelia before you lose your current run.

mr meat car inner

Mr. Meat sports five difficulty levels that you can choose from upon starting the game: four traditional ones and a “Ghost” difficulty. These difficulty levels adjust how quickly Mr. Meat moves and how many locks you will encounter during a playthrough. In the harder difficulties, the floorboards in Mr. Meat’s house may creak when stepped on, alerting Mr. Meat to your location.

As the name implies, Ghost difficulty disables Mr. Meat’s ability to capture you, only patrolling the area and moving towards suspicious sounds. However, this difficulty plays an ad every few minutes that can interrupt gameplay. You can avoid the ads by turning off your device’s internet connection before starting up the game. Regardless of difficulty, you are limited to three nights.

mr meat hint list

You can only hold one item at a time, and most items in the game can spawn in one of two spots. Thus, knowing where these items may spawn can cut down on time spent in the open and getting caught by Mr. Meat. You can throw items away if you do not need them, but they will make noise if they hit the ground, and Mr. Meat has very good hearing.

Luckily for you, you can crouch and fit into spaces that Mr. Meat cannot follow you through. You are not completely defenseless however; you start any playthrough with a shotgun that can stun Mr. Meat for two minutes if he is hit, but it only holds one round at a time. One of the buildings on the lot holds a few more rounds, though you can also choose to watch an ad to get a free reload.

The shotgun’s starting shell is necessary to gain access to the house, which we will discuss later in the guide. Do not fire it immediately unless you like watching ads. Ads can also be watched to uncover hints regarding your next objective, as well as any unlocked hints which are saved for future viewing.

House Call

When selecting difficulties, you can skip the game’s intro via a toggle in the starting options. Either way, you will start any playthrough at the front door. The door itself is boarded shut so you cannot go through it. Head left and find a door with a window on it. Fire your shotgun at the window so you can open the door from inside. Note that both the shot and the broken glass will attract the attention of Mr. Meat, so immediately find a place to hide.

mr meat door shot

You can either duck behind the nearby shed, or quickly head inside and crawl into the nearby hole in the wall, leading to the workshop. There should be a washing machine close to the side door you just entered, which may or may not have a pair of pliers on top. If they are not there, they might be on one of the worktables in the workshop, next to a vice. Either way, pick it up as you will need it for later.

mr meat pliers

Other than the hole in the wall, the workshop should have three doors: one is in the opposite corner and cannot be opened until later, another door should be in the same corner as the hole and leads to a small spare bedroom, and the last door should be across the second door which opens to the living room.

Before continuing, look for the front door which should have a board keeping it shut. Remove the board so that you can enter the house through the front door.

After that, head up to the second floor via the nearby stairs and turn left to go to the loft. There should be a window in the loft that is boarded up, and you can remove the nails holding the boards up. This will allow you to climb onto the roof, and Mr. Meat cannot follow you there as he is too fat to fit.

mr meat loft nails

While you are on the roof, interact with the nearby tree branch and jump to the shed roof. There is a hole you can fall through to gain access to the shed, and you can unlock the door by removing another board. The only consistent things that spawn in the shed are some shotgun shells and a radio used for one of the endings. The shed can be used as a hiding spot provided you do not drop anything inside for Mr. Meat to hear.

mr meat loft tree
mr meat shed wood

The last area we should unlock is the yard, consisting of a well, some outhouses, and a barn with a pig “guarding” the area. The yard door is locked by a green padlock, so it is only a matter of finding the green key. The green key can spawn in the following places:

  • In the kitchen to the right of the house, where it is taped onto the side of the refrigerator; or
mr meat fridge key
  • In the basement, which can be accessed through a door in the room opposite the workshop. In this case, the key should be on a table.

Pick up the key and use it to unlock the yard door, but be careful as there is a camera just behind the door that scans the area; it will alert Mr. Meat every time you pass by it so breaking it is a must. Luckily there is a hammer we can use to smash up the camera.

You will usually find it in the workshop, beneath the table with the vice, though it may spawn inside a dresser on the second floor, which should be to the right of the stairs. Bring the hammer to the camera and destroy it. There is an angle where you can smash the camera without it spotting you, but the positioning is tricky.

mr meat hammer
mr meat corner cam

Once the camera is destroyed, you will have access to the yard, though the pig will attack you if it spots you. Going through the yard, you might notice a nearby well with its contents glowing red. That will become important later.

mr meat pig yard

From here you should have free access to Mr. Meat’s house, the shed, and the yard. We will start with the first ending by locating and recovering Amelia.

Everything According To Plan

Across the yard, there should be another shed that is boarded up like the loft window. Bring the pliers there and remove the nails but we recommend removing the top board first. Removing the bottom board first will mean both pieces of wood will land in front of the doorway and block access to the door. Even after you remove the boards, there is still one more obstacle before you can open the door: an electronic lock.

mr meat yard boards
mr meat yard lock

To disable the lock, we will need to cut the wires connected to it, as well as another set of wires at the shed. Unfortunately, the pliers we have will not suffice. Mr. Meat keeps a pair of wire cutters in one of three locations:

  • Back at the house, in the kitchen on one of the counters, lying out in the open;
mr meat cutters counter
  • In a dresser in the living room, right next to the clock; or
mr meat cutters clock
  • In the shed, hanging from the wall.

Pick up the wire cutters and first head to the shed. Here you should find a wire box. Just walk to it to “remove” the cover, and you should see wires identical to the ones connected to the yard lock. Snip those wires with the cutters and one of the lights should turn from red to green. Head to the lock and cut the wires there, giving you full access to the shed.

mr meat shed wires
mr meat yard wires

The yard shed has a lot more than meets the eye; it is actually a cover for an underground lab of sorts. Heading down, you should find two rooms, as well as a sealed door at the far end of the hall. The first door is mostly barren aside from a suitcase containing a tranquilizer pistol. The pistol only has two darts to use, though they can be reused as long as they hit a wall. Using it on Mr. Meat will knock him out for a minute, making it vastly inferior to the shotgun.

mr meat underground
mr meat tranq gun

Meanwhile, the second room is locked with three locks. This is where Mr. Meat is keeping Amelia prisoner! From here, it is just a matter of unlocking all three locks to get her out of Mr. Meat’s clutches. We will deal with each lock from top to bottom.

mr meat amelia bed

The first lock requires a red key, which is hidden in the second-floor bathroom back at the house. Bring the hammer with you and head to the bathroom, then use the hammer to smash the mirror above the sink, revealing a safe locked with a keypad.

mr meat mirror hammer

The safe combination has been written down on a piece of paper that you just have to bring to the safe, so there is no need to remember the combination to input it. The paper can be found in one of two locations:

  • In the shed, stuck behind the door of an open safe; or
mr meat mirror code
  • In the kitchen, stuck behind the door of a cabinet.

Pick up the paper and bring it to the bathroom safe, then bring the red key to the corresponding lock.

mr meat mirror safe

The next lock is a deadbolt that uses what the game calls a “round key,” which appears to be the deadbolt’s main knob. This is located in the bathroom, in a tub full of very dirty water. This explains Mr. Meat’s poor hygiene, and there is no way you are sticking your bare hands into that tub.

mr meat tub key

You will need gloves. You can find a pair of gloves in the house shed, on the same rack you might find the pliers on. If it is not there, head to the yard and look for a small room with two wooden doors, watching out for the pig the entire way. It is a chicken coop and gloves may be resting on the upper nesting boxes. Once you get the gloves, you can pick up the “key” from the bathtub and unlock the deadbolt.

mr meat coop gloves
mr meat coop open

The last lock uses a blue key which, thankfully, only spawns in one location. In the yard, there are outhouses you can hide in to avoid either Mr. Meat or his pig. There is one outhouse close to Mr. Meat’s home that is unique; it cannot be entered, sports an ominous red glow, and has a heart-shaped cutout on the door as opposed to the moon cutouts on the other outhouses. The cutout has a matching piece of wood hidden in the yard.

mr meat red outhouse

The heart block can be found in the coop, on the same set of nesting boxes you might find the gloves on. If it is not there, check the crates scattered under the barn. Just be mindful of the pig as you search the barn. Once you find it, bring the block to the outhouse and slot it into the door cutout.

This will open the outhouse door, seemingly into nothing but the toilet. Flip the toilet seat up, and you will find a much deeper hole than anticipated. Thankfully there are no signs of recent “use.”

mr meat red heart
mr meat open outhouse

At the bottom of the hole is a shoddy-looking block of wood that could break apart at any moment. Pick the block up and continue through the nearby tunnel; you should find a ladder at the other end. The ladder leads to a metal cover that can be pushed aside, where you discover yourself in the refrigerator of Mr. Meat’s house with the cover acting as a false bottom.

You can access the outhouse pit early by opening the false bottom ahead of time, but give the cover some space as your body might end up stopping the cover from fully opening, making entry difficult.

mr meat outhouse pit
mr meat fridge pit

Now that you are back in the house, head to the workshop and place the shoddy block in the vice. The vice will break the block apart, revealing the blue key. Bring that key to Amelia’s prison, carry her to your car, and out of Mr. Meat’s clutches, completing the first ending.

mr meat vice key
mr meat ending a

An Unlikely Rescue

When you were exploring the strange outhouse from before, you might have noticed what appears to be a page torn from a diary. The writing appears to be from Mr. Meat’s daughter, a girl younger than Amelia.

This is the first of four pages written by Rebecca, who is currently held captive in the garage by her father. Aside from walking you through this ending, we will also discuss the remaining three pages you can optionally read.

mr meat diary two

The garage, which is placed in such a way that no car can reach it, is locked shut, with both the main door and the rear entrance leading to the workshop locked up. Before we go for this ending, we suggest you gain access to the shed and the yard first. The underground lab will not be visited as much, but both the barn and the shed become more important for this ending.

To gain access to the garage, we have to reassemble a music box. Mr. Meat will store this in the garage once we set it off. The music box itself is on the second floor, in a room directly across the stairs, and has three components: two halves of a ballerina statue and the box’s wind-up key. The room where the music box is located also contains one of Rebecca’s diary pages; read it if you can.

mr meat music box
mr meat diary three

The wind-up key is the “closest” item we can find, either spawning in the dresser on the second-floor hallway just outside the music box room, or in Mr. Meat’s bedroom in a different dresser. There is a telephone on that dresser which you can use to call the police for the third ending; you can ignore it for now.

In the event that the pliers do not spawn in the places we mentioned earlier, they might be on some shelves nearby. Pick up the wind-up key and attach it to the music box. You can start searching for the halves of the ballerina statue, which can be found in any order.

mr meat music key

The top half of the ballerina can spawn in the dresser located in the second-floor hallway, or in the spare bedroom next to the workshop on a wall-mounted shelf. Meanwhile, the bottom half of the ballerina can be found in the loft on a wall-mounted shelf across the door, or in one of the kitchen cabinets.

If any of the parts are in the first floor, search the coffee table in front of the television; underneath the pizza box on the table is the third diary page.

mr meat music top
mr meat music bottom
mr meat diary one

Once the music box has been assembled, use it to play a tune. The music will attract Mr. Meat so hide in the cabinet, and wait for Mr. Meat to pick up the music box and bring it to the garage, via the workshop door. This unlocks the garage for later visits, but wait for Mr. Meat to leave the area before entering the garage yourself.

mr meat meat music
mr meat open garage

You will find Rebecca trapped in a cage, apparently transformed into a human-pig hybrid by her father. Aside from warning you about Mr. Meat, she will scream if she spots him. While you are in the garage, take note of the following objects:

mr meat becky cage
  • A basket full of apples right next to Rebecca’s cage;
  • A small wooden plank, either in a cabinet under the work table or in the wall cabinet;
mr meat garage plank
  • A leaky bucket, either tucked away in a corner or in another cabinet at the other end of the work table;
mr meat garage bucket
  • A bottle of laxatives which, unlike the other items on this list, will only spawn in one cabinet under the work table; and
mr meat garage lax
  • A key to Mr. Meat’s end table in his bedroom. This can be in the garage, lying in the wall cabinet, or at the foot of the stairs, leading to the workshop just outside the garage.
mr meat bed key

First, pick up the plank and bring it to the workshop. There should be a table saw adjacent to the table with the vice. With the plank in hand, use the saw to create a wooden pulley and drop it in the garage.

mr meat wood saw

Next, locate Mr. Meat’s key and bring it to the bedroom. Unlock the end table to find some rope, and bring that to the garage. Thread the rope through the top of Rebecca’s cage and tie it to the garage door, then place the pulley on the rope. With the pulley system in place, hit the garage button to open the door, pulling the cage up as it goes and freeing Rebecca.

mr meat drawer rope
mr meat free becky

Now, for obvious reasons Rebecca is quite antsy about following a stranger around, but due to her current state she loves apples. As long as you have the basket of apples in your hands and you are nearby, Rebecca will follow you around. If you get too far away from her, she will remain in place until you come back. If Mr. Meat is in the area, Rebecca will panic and flee to the garage, where you will have to coax her out again with the basket.

With all that said, bring Rebecca to the house shed and when the both of you are safely inside, you can drop the basket for now. If you are having trouble with this segment, you can choose to knock out Mr. Meat with the shotgun; the garage is not that far from the shed and two minutes is sufficient time as long as you stay close to Rebecca.

mr meat becky apple

Use the radio inside the shed and a scientist will respond, requesting that you bring Rebecca to him. The scientist will spawn in the yard, hiding behind the main gate, and you only have a limited amount of time before he runs. You can contact him with the radio to summon him again.

Carefully bring Rebecca to the scientist, who explains that he needs a safe spot to examine Rebecca. Fortunately, the shed near the house works great for that purpose. Unfortunately, now you have to escort both Rebecca and the scientist there.

mr meat radio
mr meat scientist

Just like Rebecca, the scientist will flee to the gate if Mr. Meat spots him. Unlike Rebecca, you do not need anything to lure the scientist to the shed; he will walk there on his own as long as you are close by. If this part is proving difficult, and chances are it is, you can keep Rebecca in the shed by placing the basket in the shed at the designated area.

Provided she has been following you around, she will happily munch on the apples and remain in the shed, with her father remaining oblivious to the sound of her meal. In that case, all you have to do is babysit the scientist, so stay close as he makes his way to the shed. As always, knocking out Mr. Meat in this part is an option if the scientist is proving uncooperative. Once the scientist makes it to the shed, you do not have to worry about him or Rebecca.

mr meat becky shed
mr meat becky sci

After the scientist examines Rebecca, he claims that he can make a cure to turn her back into a human. He will need two special ingredients: a mysterious “red potion” and the droppings of a mutant pig. Remember that bottle of laxatives in the garage? Pick those up and bring them to the barn, then sprinkle the laxatives in the pig’s trough. It will take some time for the laxatives to take effect, so we can focus on gathering the red potion first.

mr meat lax feeder

The leaky bucket we found in the garage is a perfect container to collect the potion with, but we need to find a way to seal up all the holes first. There is a blowtorch we can use that is in the basement, and you can see the blowtorch on the way down. However, it is on a shelf that is out of reach. Assuming that you have access to the underground area, head there, pick up the tranquilizer pistol, and load it with a dart. Head to the basement and fire the tranquilizer pistol at the blowtorch, knocking it off the shelf and onto the ground. Pick up the blowtorch and head to the garage, then use it on the bucket to seal up the holes.

mr meat tranq blowtorch
mr meat bucket fix

Now that the bucket is repaired, we can use it to collect the potion. Carry the bucket to the well and tie it to the well’s rope, then operate the well to get some of the potion. Bring the potion to the shed and pour it in one of the beakers the scientist has set up on the nearby table.

At this point, the pig has eaten the laxative-laden food and is pooping all over the barn, giving you ample supplies of pig poop. Unfortunately for you, you can and have to pick up the poop with your bare hands; wearing gloves will not allow you to collect a sample. We hope the scientist brought some hand sanitizer with him as we bring some mutant pig droppings to the shed.

mr meat red well
mr meat pig poo

With both ingredients ready, the scientist cooks up a concoction that transforms Rebecca back to normal, and the three of you flee Mr. Meat’s home via your car, at the expense of leaving Amelia behind to an unknown fate.

mr meat normal becky
mr meat ending b

However, you may have noticed that we only mentioned three of the four diary pages, so you must be wondering where the fourth page is. To get the fourth page, you have to climb onto the roof and head left. Along the way, you might notice a broken window leading to a secret room that is being used as a darkroom to develop film. Crouch to enter the window and look for a bulletin board, where the last page of Rebecca’s diary is pinned.

mr meat roof window
mr meat diary four

Alas, collecting all four pages will have Mr. Meat threatening to chase Rebecca to the ends of the earth, but otherwise leaving the ending as described above unchanged.

mr meat special end

Awaiting An Arrest

This ending has you realizing that you are in way over your head, and you might be better off calling the police to deal with this situation.

Back underground, you may have noticed a large door next to Amelia’s prison cell that you cannot open by any means. If you are wondering what could be hiding behind that door, we have to find a way to force it open. As you enter the underground area, you might have noticed a thermometer on a nearby wall. We are going to use that thermometer to open that door.

mr meat lab shutter

Get the blowtorch in the way we described previously, and use it on the thermometer. The sudden spike in heat will trick the door into thinking that the place is on fire, opening up in response. Fortunately, the door stays open, allowing you to look inside.

The door was hiding a secret laboratory, with pigs suspended in glass jars and in varying states of mutation. There is also a cauldron of red potion that is positioned directly beneath the well above. At least the groundwater has not been contaminated by Mr. Meat’s experiments.

mr meat thermo torch
mr meat lab pigs

At this point, you can call the cops via the phone in Mr. Meat’s bedroom, and a policeman will spawn at the main entrance. The policeman will not investigate without photographic evidence, and like the scientist, he will leave the area if you take too long, necessitating another call.

To cut down on time, we will need a camera. The darkroom containing the diary entry has a camera stored in a locked end table, and the key, helpfully labelled “secret drawer key,” can be found in the following places:

  • In the room of the music box, hidden in a dresser where one of the diary pages can be found; or
mr meat secret key a
  • In Mr. Meat’s bedroom, in the dresser where the phone is placed. It is located in the drawer directly under the phone.
mr meat secret key b

Once you have the key, head to the darkroom and unlock the end table to uncover the camera. Pick up the camera and use it to take pictures of the underground lab. You can call the cops now, but we recommend reloading your shotgun and placing it close to the lab for later. Once the cop has been called in, give him the pictures and he will make his way to the lab automatically to take a look for himself.

mr meat camera
mr meat cop pictures

At this point, Mr. Meat realizes he has been discovered and is making his way to the lab to silence you both. Pick up the shotgun and escort the cop to the lab. Once the cop has seen enough, he will try to apprehend Mr. Meat so find the butcher and open fire to knock him out.

With Mr. Meat out cold, the policeman restrains him and calls for backup. This ending will have the lab cordoned off and Amelia rescued, but Rebecca’s fate is unclear. At least Mr. Meat is behind bars so he cannot harm anyone else.

mr meat cop escort
mr meat ending c

And that concludes our walkthrough guide for Mr. Meat! We hope that this gives you enough information to help you can uncover the endings by yourself. If you guys have any tips and strategies we may have missed, please let us know in the comment area! Have fun and game on!