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Endless Nightmare 2 Hospital Walkthrough: A Complete Guide to Uncover and Survive the Hospital’s Secrets

Endless Nightmare 2: Hospital is 707 INTERACTIVE’s sequel to the hit survival horror game, Endless Nightmare: Home and continues the bizarre and mind-boggling adventures of James Douglas. Following his investigation on the missing people in Oak Town, James finds himself in some strange hospital. Strange happenings and even stranger creatures lurk at every corner and you need your wits as well as your survival skills to make it all the way through the hospital.

Although playing the first Endless Nightmare game will give you a better appreciation of the story, it is not completely necessary for you to revel in what Endless Nightmare 2: Hospital has to offer. Just for a quick introduction, Endless Nightmare 2: Hospital is comparable to various horror adventure games on mobile. The graphics are superb by mobile standards and the controls and interface are very intuitive, ensuring ease of grasp even for complete beginners.

endless nightmare 2 hospital guide

In a way, Endless Nightmare 2: Hospital leaves a lot for exploration with puzzle-solving skills as well as survival skills being keys towards progression. You are not as helpless in your exploration compared with other survival horror games as you have guns and despite limited ammo, you can always craft more or rely on your knife as a last resort. There is an assassination mechanic as well, making it even easier and more convenient to take down enemies and there are skills you can learn to further prepare yourself for the challenges ahead.

As this is a complete walkthrough of Endless Nightmare 2: Hospital, it is a given that there will be plenty of spoilers ahead. If you have yet to try your hands on this unique survival horror adventure, we recommend that you take a quick dive in, even for just a single attempt. The first minute or two of your adventure serves as its tutorial session but having hands on experience beyond that, can greatly help in your survival moving forward.

endless nightmare 2 walkthrough

Endless Nightmare 2: Hospital provides a means to save your progress at any time and does not shy away from providing you additional means to improve your standing against challenges via its ad boosts. There are different game modes to conquer as well, being normal, hard, nightmare, and hell.

Completing the easiest is key to unlocking the next difficulty level. For the purposes of this guide we will be taking on the normal mode. Simply expect the higher difficulty levels to exhibit tougher and faster and more enemies with heightened senses.

1. Endless Nightmare Prologue

endless nightmare 2 hospital visit

Endless Nightmare 2: Hospital’s story starts off with James visiting the hospital for the first time. His investigations of the missing people case led him to Doctor Howard and as the confrontation ensues, zombies suddenly appear out of nowhere. Nothing much to worry about at this point as it is still part of the tutorial. You can quickly and easily unload your gun on the 2 enemies. Headshots cause more damage so this is a great time to practice your aim.

endless nightmare 2 hospital enemy

After killing the 2 zombies, the supposed boss enemy appears. You will get to test out changing weapons for the first time and will be able to get a glimpse of what the HK416 Assault Rifle can do. As this is part of the introductory story, it does not matter what you do at this point. The flaming monster is apparently invulnerable and will stand unfazed regardless of how many bullets you expend against it. The enemy will still get close to you and you will wind up being choked to unconsciousness.

endless nightmare 2 hospital mechanical contraption

The story continues with several unknown hours passing and you will find yourself strapped to a patient’s chair, glimpsing at Doctor Howard from a distance while he is conversing with his nurse. Your struggling comes to an end as a mechanical contraption from above you continue to move in closer, leading to the title intro that signifies the true start of your horror adventure.

2. The Nightmare Begins

endless nightmare 2 hospital police id

You start off with your arms finally freed from the straps and you quickly detach the mechanical contraption off of you. You now have full control of James. Moving a little forward across the room, you can interact with the ID on one of the pedestals to your left. Go through the door ahead of you and simply move forward to the next room. In essence, the early part of this section still forms part of the tutorial, so no need to worry much about surprises just yet.

endless nightmare 2 hospital endless path

As you walk across the next room, the scene will suddenly change and everything will have a shade of red just as the straight path towards the other end of the room will seem endless. Do not worry, though, as the travel will just be a few steps longer and pushing straight ahead will shift everything back to normal. You will come across a corpse on top of a hospital bed at the end of the room. Examine it and grab your first weapon, which is a survival knife.

endless nightmare 2 hospital crouch

Exit the room and you will be in a corridor with a zombie at its other end. There are piles of objects between you so there is no danger. You have to crouch to get to the zombie and you will catch the first glimpse of unlocking talents here. After moving behind the target and assassinating him, he will drop the ER Room Key. Grab it as well as the map of the ER Area posted on the right side of the wall ahead of you.

endless nightmare 2 hospital assassination

Head back towards the other end of the room and use the ER Room Key on the door to your right. Inside, you will quickly notice an unconscious zombie to your left. On the right side of the room are small caliber ammo. Pick it up first before interacting with the hospital bed. You need to grab the M1911 pistol on the bed and as soon as you do, the zombie will awaken. You can easily eliminate this enemy and grab the screws that he drops. These will be used to craft ammo.

endless nightmare 2 hospital staircase keycard

Once you exit this room, your next target is the room across you. You can use your gun to break the chains off of the door. Inside, grab the staircase keycard on the left pedestal. You should grab the mug across you as well as an opportunity to redirect attention will soon present itself. From where you grabbed the staircase keycard, you can observe one of the zombies in the next room. The door towards the next room can be opened by interacting with the panel on its left.

endless nightmare 2 hospital going up

Throw the mug opposite of where you plan on approaching the zombie. Although the sound of the mug breaking will certainly catch the enemy’s attention, you should still approach cautiously. After eliminating the enemy, you can grab some ammo and ammo crafting materials on the table. The exit towards the left of where you entered leads to the area where you made your first kill. Duck under the mess and use the staircase keycard you recently obtained.

endless nightmare 2 hospital staircase

Climbing all the way to the third floor will trigger a peculiar event and moving further upwards will just lead you through a cycle. Both exits on the second and third floors are locked anyway, so the only option you have to go back through the way you came. You will notice that you will be back to the first room where you started the nightmare but has more items you can interact with now. There is a working table with a bolt cutter on it to left of the room from the entrance. You can tweak your pistol on it to improve its damage.

endless nightmare 2 hospital extended magazine

3. Gathering Some Puzzle Pieces

endless nightmare 2 hospital sneak mode

Once you exit out of the room, it would be different from before. There is an enemy on the left end of the corridor that you can easily sneak on. It will be fairly easy to notice the map posted on the left wall as well so be sure to pick it up. In the next corridor, you can grab some more ammo on the wheeled stretcher just in front of the entrance. Head right and you can get into the wash room. Pick up some alloys for crafting on the farthest sink.

endless nightmare 2 hospital ballerina figurine

Within the wash room are separate restrooms. The farther one from the exit only has a zombie in it. Not much to worry about as you can easily sneak up on him for a clean assassination. The other restroom is chained, though, and will require you to shoot it. Inside, you need to grab the ballerina figurine on top of one of the urinals.

endless nightmare 2 hospital zombie

Exit out of the toilets and head into the Operating Room 1. There is a patient’s list you can examine close to the operating table. The room is connected to Operating Room 2 via a door you need to crouch under. A zombie lurks in the next room but you can exercise a bit of patience for an opportunity to assassinate him. If you have a mug, you can use it for distraction as well.

endless nightmare 2 hospital door handle

Once you have eliminated the enemy, head on over towards the other end of the room. Grab the door handle laying atop the table. The next destination is the Changing Room. You can head there through the ajar door to the right of where you picked up the loose door handle. Be careful, as another zombie lurks inside that room.

endless nightmare 2 hospital old newspaper

After eliminating the zombie via assassination or shooting, you can examine the old newspaper on the pedestal close to where you entered the room. Across it are more parts you can use for crafting ammo. Exit out of the room back into the corridor that connects all the rooms. Head into the Anesthetic Recovery Room just across where you are. There is a mug you can grab at the left side of the entrance as well as a diary you can read.

endless nightmare 2 hospital missing figurine

More importantly, you can find the jewelry box here that is missing the dancing statue. Place the statue on top of the box to open its drawer and grab the keys for the Anesthetic Room next door. Again, be careful as there is a zombie inside. This one is a little tricky to sneak up on as he constantly moves from one end of the room to another. Use a mug and there is an extra one to grab here as well.

endless nightmare 2 hospital notebook

After downing the enemy, grab a health kit and some parts on the cabinets at the far end of the room. There is a patients’ record to read as well and a notebook on the patient table to take note of. Be sure to remember the 6 digits on the notebook. It will change each instance so you need to look at it again if you save and continue your journey at a later time. Exit the room and you can now head on over to the Operating Supplies Room where you can use the door handle that you picked up earlier to gain entry into it.

endless nightmare 2 hospital password

Another enemy awaits you inside the Operating Supplies Room. There are parts to grab on the left side of the entry. It is a fairly huge room so you can easily kill the enemy. Your goal here lies within a safe tucked away in a corner close to where the zombie was. Key in the 6-digit code you found in the notebook earlier and take the keycard for the In-Patient Room.

endless nightmare 2 hospital fire

You can take a quick look at the newly unlocked Observation Room connecting to the Operating Supplies Room. Craft bullets or use ad boosts for buffs or extra ammo if you need to. Once you step outside back into the hallway, most doors will be blocked by fire. Heading back into the Elevator Room, a cut scene will take place where you will bar entry into it with a block of wood.

4. Deeper Into The Nightmare

endless nightmare 2 hospital inpatient keycard

Now that you are back at the Observation Room where you started your journey, the previous rooms or the ones you closed off with the block of wood from the cut scene, will no longer be accessible. Your next target is the In-Patient Room at the right side of the blocked door. Use the key card you have to open it. Inside, you will come across the first female zombie.

endless nightmare 2 hospital female zombie

Female zombies are often just crying and typically stays in place. However, assassinating them does not result in an instant kill. They are built a little tougher than their male counterparts but seem to be a little easier to ignore in certain locations. Remember to pick up the extra ammo as well on the rolling stretcher to your right.

endless nightmare 2 hospital reception

Beyond the door is another set of areas to fully explore, starting with the huge hallway that connects everything. Your first stop should be the nurses’ reception area, where a map of the new area can be collected. The next area to visit is the Pharmacy behind the counter but before you head in you may want to grab a cup by the counter as 2 zombies await you inside.

endless nightmare 2 hospital pharmacy

After eliminating both enemies, there is a prescription you can investigate in one of the cabinets on the right side. On the left cabinet close to the back door, you can also grab an extra health kit. The back door leads to the Nurse Resting Room. A nurse zombie blocks the door and it is best to eliminate her first. A strange photo lies on the left coffee table and the sink behind it holds some parts as well as a small hook, which is a key item you will need later.

endless nightmare 2 hospital restroom

Head back to Nurse’s Counter and into the Triple Patient Room. Be very careful as 2 enemies await you inside. You can try and lure one out with a cup. After downing both of the zombies, make your way to the restroom at the left side of the Triple Patient Room. You will need the small hook to fish out the key to the Guard Room from the toilet. You should head on next to the Guard Room, which is just to the right of the Inpatient Department Passage that you entered in to get to this area.

endless nightmare 2 hospital shotgun

The Guard Room is just a small room and there are no enemies inside as well. Grab the Nurse ID Card on top of the table and take the M1014 Shotgun atop the box behind the door. After exiting the Guard Room, head on straight and use the Nurse ID Card on the panel beside the Intensive Care Unit, which is the second door on the right. There is a cup you can grab before opening the door. Be very careful here as 3 zombies are waiting for you inside. Luring one out using a cup makes it a little easier.

endless nightmare 2 hospital gloves

Once all 3 enemies are disposed of, head to the left side of the room and grab the Insulation Gloves as well as some parts. Head on back to the hallway where the counter is on your right. Continue ahead to where an electrical wire above a puddle of water blocks your way. There is an enemy ahead of the path and if you are thinking that luring him out towards the current will kill him, it will not work. You may want to dispose of him first and, soon after, use the Insulation Gloves to remove what is barring your progress.

endless nightmare 2 hospital insulation

After unblocking the way, there are 2 zombies on the right corridor. It is best to eliminate them now so you can freely explore the rooms. After doing so, head on to the door ahead, which is the restroom. If the zombie did not appear earlier before you took care of the electrical hazard, he is inside. You can grab some parts off the first toilet. On the second, a nurse zombie awaits. After downing the female zombie, grab the Water Faucet on top of the cleaning cart. You can head on to VIP Room 1 next.

endless nightmare 2 hospital water faucet

Inside VIP Room 1, you will see a resting zombie beside the restroom door. To your left is a Medical Record you can read for additional information. There is also a Mansucript on the table in the other end of the room. The sleeping zombie will wake up if you open the restroom door. There are parts inside the restroom so it is up to you if you want to kill him for it or not.

endless nightmare 2 hospital sleeping zombie

Now head on over to VIP Room 2. You can find the key for the Double Room on top of the table where the telephone is. There is a medical magazine you can investigate on the coffee table as well. The restroom here is empty. Once you have fully investigated this room, your next destination is the Two-Patient Room across from where you are but the entrance is on the other side of the hallway.

endless nightmare 2 hospital key

After entering the room, you can find some parts as well as shotgun shells on the cabinet to your right. There is another resting zombie here and it is best to eliminate him before anything else. After downing the enemy, head into the restroom. Use the faucet on the sink that streams blood. After doing so, you can finally grab the keys for the Doctor’s Office.

endless nightmare 2 hospital blood stream

Before heading into the Doctor’s Office, be prepared to face yet another crying zombie nurse. It seems she is tougher than the usual one. If you have yet to test out your M1014 Shotgun, now would be a great time. Once you have slain her, there are 2 photos you can check on the wall opposite the door as well as a trophy close to the right end of the room. Once you are done investigating, click on the panel at the right end of the room to reveal a secret room.

endless nightmare 2 hospital secret room

Inside the room is yet another contraption much like the one you are used to standing from in this nightmare. There is a patient record on the right and after inspecting it, you can tap on the contraption to get to the final phase.

5. The Nightmare Ends

endless nightmare 2 hospital photo

After interacting with the machine in the previous scene, you will instantly find yourself in a room that seems not of the weird hospital. You can investigate the family photo on the wall. Once done, head on out the door and you will find yourself at the roof deck. Closer to the edge, you can interact with the vibrating phone and a message telling you to jump. Jumping off is the only way off this sequence and you will once again be taken back to your usual starting point. Be ready with ammo and improvements as much as you can before exiting the room and moving forward.

endless nightmare 2 hospital passing through fire

Once outside, the floor will be on fire. You will need to shoot the sprinkler in the ceiling to pass through and there are 2 sets to go through. Next to that, you need to turn the wheel to close the pipes and let you pass through to the next area. Be sure to move fast afterwards as it will exhaust fumes again later. The next area is a huge crematorium with only 1 enemy. The exit towards the next area is just to the left of where you came in.

endless nightmare 2 hospital crematorium

The next area is a continuation of the crematorium with also just 1 enemy inside it. The exit is on the right side and you can take any path to get there. The next area takes you to yet another corridor with burning floors and you will once again shoot the sprinklers to hose the fire down. Now, you will finally be at the final stretch of the creepy crematorium and your final goal lies towards the left side of the entrance.

endless nightmare 2 hospital resting zombies

Once you head towards the left side of the crematorium, you will quickly spot a bright door ahead. A lonesome weeping zombie nurse seems to be the only one that bars you from getting into it but there are actually 4 zombies resting around her that will charge at you when she gets agitated. There are plenty of ways to work around this but using your M1014 Shotgun is our recommended approach.

endless nightmare 2 hospital final door

Once all 5 enemies are dispatched, you can now proceed to enter the final door. It will be a surprising scene devoid of any creepiness as the long hall full of beautiful paintings will lead you to the final cut scene in Endless Nightmare 2: Hospital. It is time to congratulate yourself and prepare for the next run as finishing the journey in Normal Mode will unlock Hard Mode.

And that about wraps up all we have for you on our Endless Nightmare 2: Hospital walkthrough. We certainly hope that our guide has helped you conquer this epic action horror adventure with relative ease and comfort. If you have something to share about your run different from what we covered, do not hesitate to let us know!


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