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Prison Break: Stickman Adventure Walkthrough: A Complete Guide to Beat All Levels

Prison Break: Stickman Adventure is a puzzle adventure title from OneSoft Global currently available exclusively for Android devices. Similarly to the company’s previous mobile games, Prison Break: Stickman Adventure offers simple gameplay mechanics where players only need to choose the right action across different scenarios to progress the protagonist’s adventure. Puzzles are tricky and results are often surprising but whether you get it right or wrong, there will certainly be intrigue as to what happens next.

prison break stickman adventure walkthrough guide

Prison Break: Stickman Adventure showcases 4 full chapters with 10 levels each, with each scenario having 2 to 3 choices to pick from. We recommend that you try to play through an get as far as you can to progress Lupin’s wild adventure on your own but if you find yourself stuck in a rut and can’t wait to see what the next story brings, then by all means use our complete Prison Break: Stickman Adventure walkthrough guide and pass through each level with ease!

Chapter 1: First Escape

Our hero, Lupin was involved in a bank robbery and got caught. As the title suggests, your task is to help Lupin escape prison.

1. Fist

To escape his prison cell, Lupin finds a crack in one of the walls and he can use his fist, his head, or the metal food tray to break through it. Using his head is certainly a no-no as doing so will just hurt him badly enough.

prison break stickman adventure fist

While the metal food tray seems like a logical choice, using it will create too much noise, alerting the prison guard and failing to escape just the same. The correct choice here is to use his fist. It looks painful as well but still manages to do the job of breaking the wall.

2. Bone

Upon escaping his prison cell, Lupin finds himself confronted by a guard dog. He can throw a piece of bread, a slab of meat, or a bone to distract the dog and proceed closer towards freedom. Using either the piece of bread or slab of meat will keep the guard dog busy, but only for a short while and either one will not have the guard dog leave you out of sight.

prison break stickman adventure bone

The right choice here is to throw the bone. In contrast with the earlier choices, Lupin will throw the bone behind him for the guard dog to fetch, enabling him to run further ahead.

3. Ladder

Atop the prison structure, Lupin finds himself having to jump a gap to cross to the other building. He can use a wooden plank, a rope, or a ladder as a bridge to safely cross to the other side. All of the choices seem equally viable.

prison break stickman adventure ladder

However, the wooden plank proves to be the opposite of sturdy while the rope reveals Lupin’s lack of skill walking a tightrope. With both choices leading him to fall down, the correct choice here is the ladder.

4. Laundry Cart – Jump Over

Inside the next building in the prison camp, Lupin finds himself in the laundry room with a prison guard ahead. He can choose to hide under the dirty laundry, hide inside the washing machine, or hide behind a laundry cart.

prison break stickman adventure laundry cart

The first choice will lead to Lupin being caught by the guard in the area while the second one will also not help him escape, trapping him inside the washing machine while the guard watches on. The right choice to pick is to hide behind the laundry cart and move alongside it towards escaping.

Lupin eventually finds himself barred by a steel fence ahead with barbed wires on top of it. He can try to simply walk through the opening, climb up the fence, or jump over it. The first one seems so simple and easy, enough to make anyone suspicious of it. It turns out there are land mines outside and choosing this option will leave Lupin blown to bits.

prison break stickman adventure fence

You will know that you just made the wrong choice as soon as you grab the fence in an attempt to climb it as it turns out that it is an electric fence. The odd, yet correct choice here is to simply jump over the fence.

5. Cell Phone – Remote Control

Still inside the prison camp, Lupin’s escape is once again pended as a hulking prisoner stands in his way. To walk past this prisoner, you can engage him in a fist fight, offer him a cigarette, or give him your cell phone. Challenging the big guy does not turn out so bad as Lupin will be able to knock him down.

prison break stickman adventure cell phone

However, this will result in Lupin being knocked down as well. It turns out that the huge convict is a non-smoker, so offering him a cigarette is a really bad idea. The perfect choice is to hand him your cell phone and walk away unharmed.

prison break stickman adventure ball

6. Clinic – Chloroform – Cheese

Now, Lupin must choose from among 3 different rooms as to which one will take him closer towards freedom. The science lab, chapel, and clinic all look harmless, making this part of the adventure quite tricky. For some reason, stepping into the science lab will trigger an explosion so it is a definite no-go. The chapel, on the other hand is where a lot of the prison guards are so it is a bad choice as well. Your only way through this part is to choose the clinic.

prison break stickman adventure clinic

Inside a clinic, you see a doctor on the computer but need to make sure that you can get past him. You can pretend to be a ghost, pretend to be a clinic staff, or use chloroform on him. It becomes sensible for people of science to not believe and ghost and dressing up as some clinic personnel hardly makes any difference in the situation so the best way to ensure that you can get past the doctor is by using the chloroform to knock him out.

prison break stickman adventure doctor

Past the clinic is a vent that Lupin decides to crawl in. Unfortunately, his sheer bad luck leads to an encounter with a rat. You can choose to act with your fist, throw a rock at the rat, or give it a piece of cheese. Giving the rat a piece of cheese sounds like the obvious choice here and is also the correct one.

prison break stickman adventure rat

Using your fist to scare him away will make some noise and alert the guards to your position. Throwing a rock at the rat will make him flee and return with more rats to exact vengeance on you.

7. Music Symbol – Ceiling Fan – Large Vase

After the vent adventure, Lupin will come across a guard resting on the couch and with a vynil player close by, you can choose to play some music to help you get past him. There is an album with a music symbol, another with a swirl symbol, and a third with an electric guitar symbol.

prison break stickman adventure music symbol

The second choice will make the guard dizzy but will also have the same effect on Lupin. The third option startles the guard and gets you in trouble. The first choice, which actually plays music for babies, is the right call as it will put the guard to sleep.

prison break stickman adventure ceiling fan

Beyond the sleeping guard is another guard on a desk with tons of paperwork. You can push a shelf down on him, throw a cockroach on him, or simply turn the ceiling fan on. The last choice is the correct one as it will blow some paper on the guard’s face, letting you get past him with ease. Both the cockroach and shelf will only temporarily distract and annoy the guard.

prison break stickman adventure large vase

The third and last guard in this section almost has the same scenario. You can topple the large vase over, mess up the picture frame on his desk, or use a slingshot to smash the light bulb above him. Weirdly enough, toppling the vase over will lead to the guard being in shock and feinting. Both the alternatives will just end up annoying the guard and lead to Lupin’s capture.

8. Prison Cell Key – Cockroach – Yellow Card

For some reason, Lupin finds himself needing to free a fellow prisoner. He can try and split the bars with his bare hands, use a saw to cut it open, or use the jail cell keys. The obvious choice here is to use the jail cell keys to free your fellow prisoner.

prison break stickman adventure prison cell key

Surprisingly, Lupin will be able to bend the metal bars with his hands but it will just revert back to its original from in seconds. The hand saw is effective as well in breaking some iron bars but it will make a lot of noise, ensuring that a prison guard will catch you if you use it.

In the next room, you will find a female prison guard and must think of a way to get past her safely. You can choose to try and intimidate her with a knife or a nunchaku, or scare her using a cockroach. Using the knife on the lady guard will not work as she can just as easily disarm it with a kick.

prison break stickman adventure cockroach

The nunchaku would be great if Lupin knows how to really use it without hurting himself. You probably would have guessed it right this time and the cockroach is the right call. Choosing to use it will result in the lady guard feinting.

prison break stickman adventure yellow card

In a weird yet very challenging scenario, Lupin will need to pick up a card key off of a guard’s table. You can pick the red card, the green card, or the yellow card. Using the red card key will drop a cage down on Lupin. The green card key, on the other hand, will electrocute Lupin once he swipes it. The yellow card key is the correct item to use here.

9. Kick – Tease – Shovel

Lupin finds himself blocked by a padlocked wooden door on his path with a hole above it. He can climb up and go through the hole, use a flame thrower to melt the padlock, or just try and kick through the door. In an odd and surprising turn of events, the correct choice is to kick through the door. A spider will appear on the hole when Lupin reaches it and using a blow torch on the padlock will do nothing.

prison break stickman adventure kick

Behind the wooden door you kicked through is a room with lots of cobwebs and spiders. As one of the spiders is blocking your way, Lupin once again needs a way to clear the spider barring his way. You can tease the spider, use a wooden stick, or use a lighter.

prison break stickman adventure tease

It may be weird, but actually teasing the spider will be the only action that works, sending it away.  Using the wooden stick on the cobwebs will lead to a group of angry spiders blocking your way while using the lighter will burn everything including Lupin.

Past the room with spiders is a cracked wall, with a cracked floor below it and a hole right above as well. You can use a ladder to climb up to the hole, use a hammer to try and break through to the other side of the cracked wall, or use a shovel to dig through the cracked floor.

prison break stickman adventure shovel

Fortune will once again frown on Lupin if he chooses to use the ladder and it will break, injuring Lupin. Likewise, the hammer will not have any effect on the cracked wall. The correct choice here is to use the shovel to dig through the cracked floor.

10. Jar Of Fireflies – Dog – Black Wire – Stone

In a dark underground passage right beneath a prison guard and a guard dog, Lupin needs some light to see where he is heading. You can choose to use a candle, a flashlight, or a jar of fireflies to light the way. The candle will emit a smoke that will be seen by the security through the drainage. The flashlight will electrocute Lupin as soon as he picks it up. The right choice here is to use the jar of fireflies.

prison break stickman adventure jar of fireflies

Finally a few steps close to his freedom, Lupin must now avoid the searchlight outside the prison walls. A gun, a dog, and a bush stands as your choices in this scenario. Using a gun here will somehow lead the searchlights to your direction and hiding behind the bush will also not work for some reason. The right call is the dog and will have Lupin barking away to distract the searchlights and scurry away.

prison break stickman adventure dog

An automated trap stands in the way of our hero and he must choose to cut one of the wires to disable the trap and walk through it. You can choose to cut the red wire, the green wire, or the black wire. The black wire is the correct answer here as both the other wires will either trigger an alarm or harm Lupin.

prison break stickman adventure black wire

Now at the final step of his escape, Lupin must outsmart the guard patrolling the outer perimeter of the prison. You can use a stick, a boomerang, or a stone against the guard. The boomerang will make its way around and back at you if you use it while the stick will not work at all. The right choice is to throw the stone to distract the guard and run away towards freedom.

prison break stickman adventure stone

Chapter 2: Underwater

Lupin has finally escaped prison and lived a life of luxury. However, he begins to remember an enemy tucked away in an underwater prison and decides to take vengeance on him.

11. Tease – Whistle – Blue Keycard

Lupin’s adventure inside the underwater prison is barred by a padlocked door at its entrance, enclosed in a glass box with a shark lurking outside of it. To enter, you can use for provoking talent, your head (literally), or a metal chain. Knocking anything with your head is simply never a good idea. Using the iron chain to pry the padlock open will not work as well. The right resort here is to provoke the shark and let him do the banging to break the door open.

prison break stickman adventure shark

As soon as you enter, a prison guard will stand in your way. You can choose to use a whistle, a spray can, or engage in a fist fight. The whistle is oddly the right choice of action here and will deafen the guard, allowing you to move forward. The spray can will unfortunately backfire and Lupin will lose the fist fight.

prison break stickman adventure whistle

Another door bars Lupin from further heading into the underground prison. He can use a crowbar to try and pry the door open, connect the 2 exposed wires, or use the blue keycard. Connecting the wires lead to instant electrocution while using the crowbar does nothing against the steel door. The correct choice is the blue keycard.

prison break stickman adventure blue keycard

12. Dance – Blue Button – Serenade

Lupin will come across a prisoner locked behind his cell. Without an idea of his goal in this scenario, you can choose to tease the prisoner, dance for him, or press the blue button. Teasing the prisoner will get Lupin beat up and pressing the blue button will let the prisoner escape, leading to another beat-up. Dancing for the prisoner is the right move to make here.

prison break stickman adventure dance

On the next scene is another prisoner but this time, it is an old man. The same trio of choices become available for our hero. Dancing and teasing the old man will end up with Lupin getting bonked with a cane on the head. This is the time where pressing the blue button will progress your adventure.

prison break stickman adventure blue button

Two of the choices in the previous puzzles are still available for this round. Instead of teasing, however, Lupin has an option to serenade the female inmate. The blue button that supposedly opens the jail cell is broken here and you will only find that out after choosing to press it. Ms. Inmate is not a fan of Lupin’s bizarre dance moves as well, making the choice to serenade the right pick.

prison break stickman adventure serenade

13. Fight –  Fire – Mop

Past the prison cells, another prison guard blocks your way towards progress. You can turn the faucet on, use the gas tank, or fight the prison guard. Turning on the faucet will flood the floors and make the guard slip down. Unfortunately, Lupin will slip on it as well. Using the gas tank will have the entire room catch flame, making it a bad choice as well. This time, trusting on Lupin’s fighting skills is the way to go.

prison break stickman adventure fight

In the next room, an armed guard is standing by. You can use fire to ward off the guard somehow, use a rope, or use a slingshot. The correct choice here is to use the fire and trigger a fire alarm to scare the guard away. You will be able to tie down the guard but another one with a gun will come along. The slingshot will just get you in trouble faster.

prison break stickman adventure fire

In the next area, you will find a prison guard practicing his aim. You can choose to use the mop, the box, or the huge pot to get past him. Using the mop and pretending to be a janitor will get you through the area safely. If you choose either the box or large pot, Lupin will put it over his head and try to walk past the guard. The box will be very noticeable while the pot proves too heavy.

prison break stickman adventure mop

14. Wooden Plank – Alligator Mask – Run

A pool of sharks now stands in your way and you need to be able to cross it. You can simply walk on the pool, use a fishing pole, or use the wooden plank instead. The obvious choice here is actually using the wooden plank as a bridge. If you choose the fishing pole, you will wind up being dragged into the pool. Choosing to take a dip into the pool is just wrong on so many levels.

prison break stickman adventure wooden plank

The pool of sharks might seem believable in an underwater facility but then the next room has alligators in it. To get past them unharmed, you can use the wire above to travel, you make a run for it, or use an alligator mask that you were carrying for some reason. The last choice is the correct one. Both of the other options will just lead to Lupin being in a world of pain.

prison break stickman adventure alligator mask

The 3 options in the previous room will still be your options for the next one but instead of alligators, crabs now stand in your way. Both travelling through the wire and using the alligator mask ends up in a very painful scenario. This time, the right action to take is to make a run for it.

prison break stickman adventure run

15. Brown Door – Sink – Run – Light Bulb

Lupin finds himself in a room on fire. There is brown door ahead, a blue door on the side, as well as window on the side as well. Opening the brown reveals 2 guards outside of it. After choosing the window, you will discover that it is only a sticker. The brown door in front is your way forward.

prison break stickman adventure brown door

You will find yourself hiding in a restroom cubicle next with a guard patrolling the room. You can use toilet paper, the sink, or just run as fast as you can. If you choose to run, the guard will be able to trip you and using the toilet paper gives you away. The best course of action here is to turn the faucet on and wait for the guard to slip on the wet floor.

prison break stickman adventure sink

Up next is an empty room with a table and a ceiling that is about to drop. You can use the table and crawl while moving it, walk real slow, or run as fast as possible. The right action here is to run for your life and is the only choice that does not end with Lupin being crushed under the chunk of rock from the ceiling.

prison break stickman adventure running

Water continues to pour in on the next room from a hole in the wall. You can try and plug it using your body, use a lifesaver, or use a light bulb. There is just no way Lupin can plug a hole that big with his stickman physique and a lifesaver inside a flooding room just does not sound right as well. Although it is equally illogical, the right choice here is the light bulb, which turns out to be enormous and generates enough heat to evaporate the flood.

prison break stickman adventure light bulb

16. Rock – Duct Tape – Bucket

Lupin again finds himself in a room where a guard is dealing with mountains of paperwork. To get past him, you can use a bonfire, a tennis ball, or a rock. Starting a fire has never worked so far in your adventure and is still a bad idea at this point. Use the ball and the guard will simply kick it back to your face. In a bizarre turn of events, using the rock will have the guard trip on it and land face first on a nearby bucket.

prison break stickman adventure rock

There seems to be dangerous fumes leaking in the next room. To ensure safety passage, you can use a rug, a duct tape, or some glue to patch the hole. Using either the rug or the glue to fix the problem simply will not work and the only real choice is to use duct tape to patch the hole.

prison break stickman adventure duct tape

There is a whirlpool in the waters in the next room and you need to get past it. You can swim, dive, or use a bucket to get across. Swimming towards the whirlpool, even with some diving gear is never a good idea and your only way past this room is to use the bucket and swing across the rope with it.

prison break stickman adventure bucket

17. Gator – Sunglasses – Mallet

You somehow manage to wind up in another room with a gator in it but this time, the gator seems to already be agitated. You can choose the door behind you, use a gun, or tussle with the gator. The door you came in from has been mysteriously padlocked so it’s a no-go. If you use the gun, the gator will bring out Captain America’s shield. Yup, you read that right. The right course of action here is to tussle with the gator.

prison break stickman adventure gator

It turns out that your problem with the gator is not over yet and he will come chasing you through the next area. You can use a rock, a grenade, or a pair of sunglasses to try and escape. The right call is to actually pick the sunglasses. The gator will see himself in the mirror and stop chasing you as he revels in his new image. Both the rock and the grenade will not even slow the gator down.

prison break stickman adventure sunglasses

With the gator finally done chasing you, you reach a room where the floor seems to be falling apart. There is a shark beneath it trying to get through and you can use the generator, a mallet, or brute strength to hold him down. Only the mallet will work as expected and prevent the shark from making a hole on the floor. Both the generator and Lupin’s strength will fail to keep the floor intact.

prison break stickman adventure mallet

18. Knife – Chicken – 3

Lupin finds himself with an escaped inmate in the next room and to get past him, you can use a gun or a knife, or fight with him. Choosing to fight the prisoner will get both of you shot by the guards on the other end of the hallway.

prison break stickman adventure knife

If you choose to shoot at him, you will discover that he has superpowers and can teleport at will. Using the knife is the right call and Lupin will throw it on the ceiling, leaving a big chunk of rock to drop down on the target.

You will then find the prisoner locked in a cell. You can choose to use a remote control, a chicken, or a grenade to deal with prisoner. If you throw the grenade, he will just throw it back at you before it explodes in your face.

prison break stickman adventure chicken

The remote control, which is actually a teleportation device, will take you inside the prison cell and you will get to beat up the prisoner. This leads to guards catching you, though. The correct action is to give him the chicken and make him happy.

prison break stickman adventure 3

Lupin will find himself in an elevator, which comes with its own set of choices. You can choose to press 1, 2, or 3. The misplaced 3 should already hint at being the right number. The other choices will other trigger an alarm or send you to a floor where a guard will be waiting right outside.

19. Fish – Swordfish – Woman

Outside of the underwater prison, Lupin finds an old man on a boat and he needs to hitch a ride. You can choose to use a gun or a fish, or simply hop on the both. If you try to take the boat by force, the owner will beat you. If you use the gun, a shark will come from out of nowhere to eat you. Giving the old man some fish will get you through this challenge.

prison break stickman adventure fish

As soon as the boat starts moving, a cop will come chasing after you. A swordfish, a flashlight, and a squid stand as your choices here. Using both the flashlight and the squid’s ink will temporarily blind the cop and send his boat crashing into yours, killing all of you. The top choice is the swordfish, which will bore a hole in the cop’s boat and sink it.

prison break stickman adventure swordfish

Finally bank on land, you will want to show your gratitude to the old man for the favor he gave you. You can give him a diving gear, a goldfish in a bowl, or a woman. Giving the old man a woman is the only way through this. All other options will just lead to the guy shooting you in the head.

prison break stickman adventure woman

20. Tribal Mask – Clock – Dirty Sock – Board

Lupin is now stranded in thesea and is very thirsty. He can use the mug to simply scoop water from the ocan, use a fishing rod with it to haul water from a distance or use a tribal mask. It may be the oddest option but the tribal mask is the right call. Lupin will use it for a ran dance and get water. Both other options will involve sharks and a lot of bad luck.

prison break stickman adventure tribal mask

It is night time and Lupin needs to survive the freezing cold. Your options are to use a clock, use a needle and a ball of yarn, or just cry. Crying certainly won’t help but if you do, an angel will appear to give you a heating scarf. However, bad luck will lead the wind to blow it away. It will take days for Lupin to make clothing with the yarn so it’s a pass as well. The clock is an odd choice but the right one for this scenario as Lupin can apparently speed up time with it.

prison break stickman adventure clock

The waters suddenly become infested with sharks, and really bad-looking ones too. You can use the music player, the fishing rod, or your dirty sock. Both the first and second choice here will lead to Lupin ending up in the waters with the sharks. The dirty sock will do the trick and send all the sharks scurrying away.

prison break stickman adventure dirty sock

The boat is wound up in wreck and you must help Lupin act to survive the last straw of the chapter. You can choose to use the board, the hammer, or the rocket. Using the rocket will burn the boat and using a hammer will get you struck by lightning. This time, Lupin needs to abandon ship and settle for the board to help him reach land.

prison break stickman adventure board

Chapter 3: Chasing

After escaping the sea and winding up on an island inhabited by a tribe, Lupin steals a gem from them and wounds up in a cage again.

21. Bottled Chemical – Wig – Slingshot

To escape the cage, you are presented with 3 items to choose from: a set of keys, a flute, and a bottled chemical. The keys will actually let you out of the cage, but right into a spike trap that instantly maims you. The flute will summon some eagles to take you away, but on a deserted area still locked in a cage. The bottled chemical is the right pick, letting Lupin transform in to a monster to escape with ease.

prison break stickman adventure bottled chemical

Barring the way forward are 2 tribesmen. You can use a girl’s wig, a blanket, or a cobra to escape them. The wig is the right choice here as pretending to be a girl helps you escape the 2 guards as they fight one another. Both the cobra and the blanket will prove useless.

prison break stickman adventure wig

Lupin is now hungry and wants to take some apples from the tree ahead. You can choose to use a hammer, a saw, or a slingshot to get some fruits. The hammer will summon a lightning and burn the whole tree down while the saw will make the tree fall on you. The correct choice of tool here is the slingshot.

prison break stickman adventure slingshot

22. Wine Bottle – Woodpecker – Play Dead

It’s night time again and Lupin needs to bunk in a cave ahead. There is a bear in the entrance though, so you can choose the moon, the female bear costume, or a bottle of wine to get past the grizzly. The moon transforms our stickman into a werewolf and engage the bear in a fight but still fails to get through. Using the female bear costume will not work as the bear turns out to be gay. The perfect choice is the wine bottle as it will get the bear drunk and let you slip past him with ease.

prison break stickman adventure wine bottle

A dangling log that looks like it’s about to break soon blocks the way towards escape and Lupin must deal with it to ensure safe passage. Your choices are a woodpecker, a rope, and a jackhammer. Both the rope and jackhammer will lead to Lupin being injured and the route to take is to use the woodpecker to break the log and safely pass through.

prison break stickman adventure woodpecker

A cobra will then block you from continuing further. He can play dead, play a pungi, or climb up the tree. Playing the pungi and pretending to be a snake charmer will just attract more snakes. Climbing the tree does not end well for Lupin as well. This time, playing dead is the way to go.

prison break stickman adventure play dead

23. Fight – Rock – Poodle

Our stickman hero makes it to the tribe’s camp and a guard stands in his way. He can choose to fight, use a spray can, or pretend to be a girl. In this instance, the female costume would work but then a costume fail takes place. The spray can won’t work because the tribesman has a mask. Again, resorting to a fight is your way out of this.

prison break stickman adventure fighting

Now that Lupin gets to keep a tribesman’s mask for himself, he needs to get past another guard. You can use a tribe leader mask, a rock, or a bucket of water. Using the bucket of water to clear the campfire would work but it becomes too dark for Lupin to see where he’s going. The tribe leader mask seemed okay too but bad luck happens yet again. Using the rock will be the way to get the tribesman off your face.

prison break stickman adventure campfire

Now comes another guard standing in your way but he has a guard dog as well. You can use a ball, a hypnotic device, or a poodle to get yourself across them. Both the ball and the hypnotic device will just lead to failure and the right choice is the poodle, which will send the guard dog chasing after it.

prison break stickman adventure poodle

24. Dart – Hypnotism – Rock

Lupin finds himself being pursued by a persistent tribesman. He can use a dart, ride a boar, or swim to try and get away. Swimming here instantly kills him and riding a boar ends up hitting a huge tree ahead. The correct choice is to use the tranquilizer dart on the tribesman.

prison break stickman adventure dart

Not giving up, the persistent tribesman continues to chase our stickman hero and this time, Lupin must prevent him from crossing the log bridge. He can use hypnosis, a lighter, or a dart again to stop the tribesman in his tracks. Hypnosis the correct action to take here. The tribesman seems to not fall for the same trick twice and will catch the dart and throw it back. If you light up the bridge, the tribesman will shoot an arrow straight to your chest.

prison break stickman adventure hypnotism

Now tired and climbing up a hill, you must get rid of the tribesman on your tail once and for all. Your choices are a spider, a dynamite, and a rock. The first choice has no effect on the tribesman and the second one will blow the both of you into bits. The rock is the correct item to use here.

prison break stickman adventure climbing

25. Plow – Poster – Slingshot – Hut

Lupin needs to hide from his assailant and you can choose the plow, the haystack, or the tree. Using the plow and pretending to be a farmer will work like a charm. If you hide in the haystack, some kid will set it on fire. If you hide up the tree, a branch will break and you will get an arrow to the chest afterwards.

prison break stickman adventure plow

Another guard stands in the way and there is a wanted poster of you as well. You can choose to interact with the poster, use a marker, or use the wig. Choosing the marker leads to different level of bad luck as it will start to rain and lightning will hit you. Using the wig will attract the guard but you will not be able to escape. The correct choice is to interact with the poster and draw a mustache on it.

prison break stickman adventure poster

Inside a hut, a guard starts sneaking into the entrance. Your choices are a cigarette, a slingshot, and a rock. The slingshot is the item to pick as it will knock the tribesman down. Both other options will just not leave a good ending for Lupin.

prison break stickman adventure slingshot 2

The persistent tribesman gets up to his feet quickly after striking him down with the slingshot. You can choose the slingshot again, the stool, or the hut. Given that the tribesman never falls for the same trick twice, he will be able to evade your shots under option 1. The stool will not do you any good as well. Choosing the hut is the correct path as it leads Lupin to climb the pole inside it and hide.

prison break stickman adventure hut

26. Meditate – Pond – Ignore

Although still in a dangerous place, all the running and hiding has left our hero tiered and in dire need of rest. You can choose to sleep on a tree branch, sleep on the ground, or meditate. Meditation stands as the correct choice here as an earthquake takes place if you sleep on the branch. If you sleep on the ground, 2 snakes will start taking turns biting you in your sleep.

prison break stickman adventure meditate

Hungry and thirsty, you are given a choice to interact with a deer, a turtle, or the pond. Choosing either animal will have Lupin start shooting at them and, considering his luck, will end up badly for him. For now, the pond is the correct choice and will not only quench his thirst but also let him catch some fish.

prison break stickman adventure pond

A little later ahead, Lupin meets a female tribesman who seems to show interest in him. You can choose to show love, anger, or just ignore her. Falling in love will have Lupin move back the wrong way and frowning will get him beaten up. You need to choose to ignore her even if it seems rather rude.

prison break stickman adventure ignore

27. 3 – 2 – 2

Now, Lupin must choose the right path forward. Only 1 of the 3 choices is the correct one and it is number 3. Path 1 will send you down a cliff while path 2 will end with a tree falling on our hero.

prison break stickman adventure path 3

Lupin somehow ends up having to choose from 3 distinct paths again. Number 1 leads to a beehive with really aggressive bees while path number 3 leads to a trap hole. The correct choice here is path number 2.

prison break stickman adventure path 2

The final set in the trio of path-choosing adventure, the right path this time is path number 2. Path number 1 taks you to some crazy guy who will beat you up for no reason at all. Path number 3, on the other hand, leads to a playful monkey who will throw a coconut on your head and knock you out.

prison break stickman adventure path 2-2

28. Red Potion – Whistle – Pole

Lupin once again ends up back in a cage and to escape, must choose the correct item to choose. You can use a red potion, an air pump, or a cell phone. Using the air pump will make Lupin’s head bloat and let him fly like a balloon but it unfortunately pops. Using the cell phone, Lupin calls an alien, who is unfortunately asleep. The red potion is the correct choice, making Lupin small and able to run through the cage’s bars.

prison break stickman adventure red potion

Being tiny has its disadvantages and Lupin once again ends up in a cage. This time, you can use a jackhammer or a controller, or you can simply whistle. Whistling is the right act here as it will summon some eagles carrying keys for the cage. The jackhammer will dig a hole but the hole leads to a cliff and while the control device creates a portal and gets you away from the enemies, a rock will crush you soon after.

prison break stickman adventure whistling

Lupin will end up as a cive again and as he is tied to the pole, you can choose to interact with it, choose cash, or break free from the rope that ties you. Bribing with money certainly wouldn’t work and while Lupin will successfully be able to break free from the rope, what follows is a tranquilizer dart. The right choice is to use the pole to escape.

prison break stickman adventure pole

29. Teleportation Device – Plank – Fight

It’s another chase scene and now, Lupin can choose to use his teleportation device, a knife, or a plank of wood. The teleportation device works here and Lupin will warp behind his enemy and knock him down. The knife throw will hit the enemy’s head but will not have any effect and the plank will simply be hopped over.

prison break stickman adventure teleportation device

Continuing the chase, the same options are available for our hero. This time, though, the plank is the correct choice and the unsuspecting enemy will slip after stepping on it. The knife will have the same impact and the teleportation trick will not work twice.

prison break stickman adventure plank

The chase comes to a halt as Lupin finds himself between his enemy and a cliff. You can choose to fight or jump, or pick the knife once again. Jumping sown the cliff just isn’t right and your enemy will be able to dodge all the knives you throw at him. Choosing to fight, Lupin will lure the tribesman to jump over the cliff.

prison break stickman adventure another fight

30. Eagle – Cell Phone – Cell Phone – Cannon

Our stickman hero must now find a safe way to go down the cliff and can choose to use a leaf, a chopper, or an eagle to reach his goal. With is luck, choosing the helicopter ends up in a crash and choosing to go with the huge leaf will also end up in an accident. The eagle are the right mode of transportation to use.

prison break stickman adventure eagle

A seemingly irate witch bars Lupin from escaping further and to try and get past her, you can choose to use your cell phone, climb up a tree, or run. If you climb the tree, a huge cobra will be waiting to bite you and if your run, a tree will fall down and flatten you. The right call is to use your cell phone. It will call a gorilla to rescue you from the witch.

prison break stickman adventure using cell phone

Atop the running gorilla, the witch will chase after you. You can use you cell phone once again, use a red potion, or choose the gorilla. The red potion will shrink both you and your gorilla pal, allowing the witch to swat you both with her broom like insects. Choosing the gorilla will have him ready to fight the witch but the witch will summon a giant lizard monster. The correct choice is to use your phone again and contact your alien friend to pick you up.

prison break stickman adventure phone

Finally inside your alien ally’s flying saucer, a tribesman riding an eagle stands in your way. You can choose to deal with her using a gun, using the saucer, or the saucer’s cannon. Using the gun will have the tribesman throw a spear at you and using the saucer to try and bump the enemy will lead to a crash. The only recourse here is to use the ship’s cannon and disintegrate the target.

prison break stickman adventure cannon

Chapter 4: The Freedom

Lupin decides to finally live a peaceful life with his girl but unexpected things always seem to happen.

31. Fight – Pen – Car

As the couple take a stroll on the street, a robber points a knife at them. You can choose the bag, choose to run, or choose to fight. Giving up the bag will not please the girl, making it a wrong choice. The “run” option will have Lupin use her partner as a human shield, so it’s a no as well. The correct choice here is to fight.

prison break stickman adventure choose to fight

While they continue to walk, they come across a stranger who seems to recognize our stickman hero because of the wanted poster. You can choose a plastic bag, a pen, or to kiss your girl. The plastic bag will not be a good cover at all and will be blown away by the wind. Suddenly deciding to kiss your lover is not such a cool idea as well. The right call here is to use the pen and draw a mustache on the wanted poster.

prison break stickman adventure pen

The couple comes across a car parked on the walkway. You can get in the car, avoid the car, or choose the spider. The right choice here is to get in the car. An accident will happen if you choose to avoid th car and walk on the road. Choosing the spider will have Lupin pretend to be Spider-man and it won’t go well either.

prison break stickman adventure car

32. Massage – Punching Bag – Taunt

While driving, one unfortunate leads to another as the couple gets involved in a car crash while a police cruiser passes by, leaving our stickman hero to wind up in prison yet again. Lupin’s cellmate does not seem happy to see him. You can choose to fight, bribe, or massage your cellmate. Fighting and bribing simply won’t work this time and the only option for now is to give your cellmate a back rub.

prison break stickman adventure massage

At the prison’s gym, Lupin must now decide on what to do for his workout. He can try doing some weightlifting, work on the pull-up bars, or spend time with the punching bag. It seems that Lupin’s current level of fitness is not suitable for the first 2 options, leaving you to only be able to use the punching bag.

prison break stickman adventure punching bag

Inside the gym, another confrontation between Lupin and his cellmate take place. You can choose to run, use a snake, or taunt your opponent. Teasing the enemy is your way to go here. Running away will have Lupin slip on a banana peel and using a snake will not work either and backfire instead.

prison break stickman adventure taunt

33. Scissors – Mallet – Bottled Water

Lupin finds himself tied up to a chair in what seems to be an interrogation room. You can use the controller on the table, a saw, or a pair of scissors to escape. The controller will literally shock you while the saw will make the chair fall over with you tide in it. The pair of scissors stand as the correct choice here.

prison break stickman adventure scissors

Now on the prison yard, Lupin sees a prison guard ahead and must pretend to work there to avoid detection. You can choose to work with the shovel, work with the mallet, or work on the brick wall. The mallet is the right choice to pick here as the other options will just yield surprisingly bad results.

prison break stickman adventure prison yard

All the working and fighting has left our stickman hero exhausted. You can choose to eat an apple, eat some stew, or drink bottled water. The stew is actually too spicy and apple yields a surprisingly nasty result. The only out of this scenario is to choose to drink water.

prison break stickman adventure bottled water

34. Janitor – Trash Can – Other Prisoner

You now take the role of Lupin’s lover who sees her partner behind bars on TV. To initiate her prison break scheme, she must first get inside the prison using a disguise. You can choose to go as a dinosaur, as a cop, or as a janitor. Choosing the dinosaur costume will make her slip and be discovered. Choosing the cop disguise will not work either so your choice is to go in as a janitor.

prison break stickman adventure janitor

While exploring inside the prison, you will encounter a prison guard and must find a place to hide. You can choose to hide inside the trash can, inside the locker, or under the table. It turns out that you won’t fit inside the locker and hiding under the table is an idea as bad as any. The right call here is to hide inside the trash can.

prison break stickman adventure trash can

Finally seeing Lupin’s cell, you are now to choose between interacting with him, the other prisoner, or the stationed prison guard who is sleeping. Choosing to free Lupin immediately will lead the other prisoner to make a ruckus and wake the prison guard up. If you chose the guard, he will wake up before you get close to him. Freeing the other prisoner first is the call you need to make.

prison break stickman adventure other prisoner

35. Stone – Dirty Sock – Rope – Manhole

The couple spots a security camera ahead and they will need to disable it to push forward. You can use a stick or a stone, or push down a lever. The stick actually leads to electrocution while the level triggers an alarm. The correct item to use here is the stone.

prison break stickman adventure another stone

In the next hall, there is a prison guard watching TV and the couple must make it past him. You can choose to sneak, use the trash can, or use your dirty socks. If you guessed right, then this challenge calls for Lupin’s dirty socks yet again. The guard is awake so sneaking simply won’t work. The guard’s heightened senses will seem to be triggered if you use the trash can.

prison break stickman adventure another dirty sock

Back out on the prison yard, there is a wall on the path. Although Lupin can jump over it with ease, he needs to get his girl through as well. You can kick the wall, use a rope, or use a trampoline. The rope is the only way to get her safely across and choosing the other options will lead to your lover’s injury.

prison break stickman adventure rope

Finally finding themselves at the edge of the prison yard, the couple must choose the right way to exit the prison. You can choose the balloon, the chopper, or the manhole. The manhole stands as the right way out. The balloon will pop and the chopper will crash for some twisted reason.

prison break stickman adventure manhole

36. Seduce – Gun – Jump

After escaping the prison using a pickup truck, a car chase ensues with Lupin behind the wheel and his lover in the trunk. To get the cop car off your backs, you can use a rocket launcher, use seduction, or hit the brakes. Hitting the brakes will have a disastrous result and attempting to use the rocket launcher while the vehicle is moving leads to injury as well. Seduction is the way to go in this stage.

prison break stickman adventure  seduce

Now on a bridge, you will be presented with same options but with a pistol instead of a rocket launcher. Seduction will still work but will unfortunately end up with your girl being hit by a sign board. Hitting the brakes is still a bad idea so your only real choice is to go for the gun.

prison break stickman adventure gun

The pickup catches fire and you need to act fast. You can use a fan or a gasoline tank, or you can jump off of the vehicle. The first 2 options here will actually just make matters worse and you really have no choice but to jump off.

prison break stickman adventure jump

37. Water Bottle – Water Bottle – Down

The previous incident left Lupin injured and unconscious. Playing as his lover, you must try and resuscitate him. You can give him CPR, a bottle of water, or some soda. Both the soda an CPR will yield bad results and the only way out of this is if you give him some water.

prison break stickman adventure water bottle

Finally conscious and on his feet, you must now help Lupin escape as he is still weak and shaken and a cop approaches. You can use a gun, a burning piece of metal, or a bottle of water. Using either the gun or the piece of burning metal will just end up badly for you as the cop will shoot faster and the metal will ricochet for some reason. The only recourse is to use the bottle of water.

prison break stickman adventure water bottle 2

Further away from the accident scene, you must now choose the right path to take. You can go up, down, or forward in the intersection. Going forward leads to a dog blocking your way and heading up leads to a dead end. Heading down is the right way to go. This will lead the couple into a building, successfully evading the cop chasing them.

prison break stickman adventure down

38. Window – Worm – Rope

Inside the room, you will still be in control of Lupin’s lover. When someone comes knocking, you decide to hide and you can choose to do so behind the couch, on the chandelier, or outside the window. Both the first and second options will result in you being found out. The window is the correct choice.

prison break stickman adventure window

Now that you are dangling on a ledge outside the window, a spider suddenly appears. You can choose to let go, use a worm, or swat the spider. Swatting the spider will get you caught by the cop who is still there and letting go leads to a worse scenario. The right call is to use the worm and feed the spider.

prison break stickman adventure worm

With the cop seemingly away, you can climb up the ledge, let go of it, or use a rope. After climbing up, the cop will be back and you will be caught. Again, jumping off from the ledge is not really a good idea. Using the rope to climb down is the way out of this predicament.

prison break stickman adventure another rope

39. Vending Machine – Pay Phone – 3M

You have escaped for now although without Lupin and you suddenly feel the need to eat. You can choose to use the vending machine, choose the bench, or head into the hotel. It sure is weird but if you sit on the bench, a frying pan from out of nowhere will hit you in the head. If you in the hotel, the guy at the reception will call the cops on you. The correct choice is to use the vending machine.

prison break stickman adventure vending machine

You now need to try and contact your lover, Lupin. You can snatch a cell phone from a stranger, borrow it nicely from him, or use the pay phone. Using the pay phone is the correct all. The stranger will recognize you if you ask him nicely and if you snatch his phone, you will not be able to use it because of his lock pattern.

prison break stickman adventure pay phone

Now that you are finally driving and on your way to meet your lover, you come across a gap on the bridge that you need to cross. You can back away 3 meters before attempting to jump over the gap, back away just 1 meter, or jump the gap without the car. The only way through is if you back up for 3 meters. All other choices will just result in a fail.

prison break stickman adventure 3m

40. Trolley – Metal Detector – Cash – Duck

Finally reunited and on a quest to finally escape together, the couple winds up at the airport looking to board a flight. They need to initially get through security and you can try and barge, use the trolley, or just approach casually. Approaching casually and trying to force your way in will end up badly for you and the right call is to use the trolley and sneak your way in.

prison break stickman adventure trolley

Inside the terminal, you need to get through the metal detector with a guard standing by. You can casually pass through, use a spray can, or rush in. The only way through is to use the spray can. All choices will trigger an alarm but using the spray can will let you two escape.

prison break stickman adventure metal detector

Now seated in the boarding area, an airport security will ask to see your passports. You can choose to show your passports, use cash, or have the girl seduce the security personnel.  Showing the passport will get you caught and while seduction works, it will anger Lupin and make him slap his girl in the face. The right choice here is to use cash to bribe the airport security guy.

prison break stickman adventure cash

Finally aboard the airplane, a hijacker suddenly appears. You can choose to duck and hit the floor, use a gun, or fight the criminal. You need to duck and hit the floor on this one as both the fight and gun options yield negative results. Ducking first will have Lupin attack afterwards, which will prove successful.

prison break stickman adventure duck

The plane will continue on its way to take the couple to their freedom and finally ends the long but colorful adventure.

prison break stickman adventure end

And that wraps up our walkthrough guide for Prison Break: Stickman Adventure. We sure hope that you enjoyed it and that you were able to find it useful in completing Lupin’s adventure on your own.