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Tamashi: Rise of Yokai Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Become the Demon Slayer of Glamland

Do you like MMOs? Do you like anime-style graphics? Do you like enjoy seeing numbers go up? If so, Tamashi: Rise of Yokai might be right up your alley.

tamashi rise of yokai guide

Tamashi: Rise of Yokai is an MMORPG set in a fictional world where humans and spirits coexist. Players take the role of a hero who roams the land searching for adventure, excitement, or maybe some good old-fashioned loot. The game was developed and published by Eyougame, the folks behind titles such as Mirage: Perfect Skyline and Lost in Paradise: Waifu Connect.

Before you dive in, I’ll forewarn you that it’s a very theme-park style MMO where you’ll rapidly switch from one area to the next, at least until you hit level 53 where you’ll be forced to grind. I will also add a sidenote here that this is an MMO – there’s lots of players, and the game will urge you to spend real money to buy stuff quite frequently. However, the game does provide its own style of fun, and it’s definitely worth trying out.

tamashi rise of yokai tips
Anime beam GO!

If you’re interested in trying it out, I’ve compiled a detailed Tamashi: Rise of Yokai beginner guide for players who are new to the game. As this is an MMO, there are lots of systems you need to understand, so I’ve streamlined them to the best of my knowledge. If you’d like to get a leg up when starting your Tamashi: Rise of Yokai journey, read on!

Character Creation

tamashi rise of yokai character creation
Three slots, three classes.

Tamashi: Rise of Yokai has three character classes for you to pick from, following the archetypal fighter, ranger, and mage theme. These are the Samurai (fighter), Cannoneer (ranger), and Onmyoji (mage). Each of these classes has their own specializations as indicated during character creation. On a side note, if you’re a person who can’t think of a username, you can roll for a random name – though this is quite generic.

Do note that there is a job change system in the game, though these serve more as augments to a character’s basic toolkit than as a way to completely change a character’s gameplay. With that in mind, you should try the basic gameplay for all three characters since high-level characters require a lot of investment. I went ahead and rolled a cannoneer, since the game tempted me with AOE capabilities.

While you can do basic customization on your character – clothes, weapon, and hair color to be specific – further cosmetics will need to be found in the game.

Character Classes

tamashi rise of yokai samurai
He’s not a robot, I can promise you that.

The Samurai is a tanky melee fighter who specializes in survivability and defense. He also possesses powerful burst damage potential to help take down foes.

The Cannonneer is an all-out offensive class. She has little to no defensive capabilities, instead relying on front loading damage and taking down hordes of foes with her selection of AOEs that easily segue into each other.

The Onmyoji is a master of the spiritual arts. He takes to the field with this knowledge in hand, using incantations and charms to both deal AOE burst damage and restrict foes with powerful crowd control.

tamashi rise of yokai character
Yes, orange is my favorite color.

You can have three characters per server. If you want to switch servers, you can do so by tapping on the server button once you log in.


tamashi rise of yokai hotlongs
Kenshi vibes? I wish.]

If you’ve made a mistake with naming your character or want to change your name for whatever reason (no judgment), you can do this once, for free, as long as you’re below level 60. To do this, go to the Info tab by either going to the menu on the right side of the screen or by tapping your character’s portrait on the upper left when you’re in the game.

Get Used to The UI

As an MMORPG, Tamashi: Rise of Yokai suffers from the necessary evil of a super-cramped and at times, cryptic UI. The UI can be quite complex to navigate, and if you don’t know what you’re looking for, chances are you won’t find it.

tamashi rise of yokai user interface

On the uppermost left of your screen is your avatar, your level, your CP (combat power), your current and maximum HP, and your Sycee stores (premium currency). This is also where you’ll see status effects like the amount of HP left in your HP packs. There’s also an Eyougames icon  here, which allows you to do account-related stuff. You can also tap the icon, then tap hide to remove the icon until you restart the game.

tamashi rise of yokai user interface quest window

Below this is the quest window. This will change depending on whether you’re inside or outside a dungeon. While you’re in the overworld, this window will display your current quests, as well as their requirements and how close you are to completing said requirements.

tamashi rise of yokai user interface current quest

Inside dungeons, it shows you your current objectives, as well as potential rewards for clearing the dungeon.

tamashi rise of yokai user interface objectives

The bottom middle of the screen is largely dedicated to social functions. It’s here that you’ll find the chatbox as well as the social tab. On the upper parts of the chatbox are some important buttons – rebirth for changing your job, purchase for visiting shops, blessing for blessing your friends, and auto which activates auto combat and auto questing. The bottom right of this panel also has the settings menu and the camera mode.

tamashi rise of yokai user interface social

In the social tab, you’ll see your friend list, mail (where your free stuff goes), and blacklist. To switch between these windows, tap the appropriate tags on the right side of the screen. You can also bless your friends from this screen, if they haven’t asked for a blessing, as well as give them gifts.

tamashi rise of yokai user interface 4

The lower right of the screen is the combat interface. The big button is your normal attack – feel free to tap that as quickly as you can. Above it are 4 orbs, which represent your skills. Notably, the 4th orb’s skill comes from your artifact.

You can also jump by tapping the leap button to the right of the attack button. This does have a cooldown, so use it judiciously against tough enemies. If you want to switch targets, you can also tap the target button below the big normal attack button.

Finally, your ultimate skill also appears here whenever it’s ready. While I haven’t found any way to check how close you are to getting enough energy to fire your ultimate, it appears to the upper left of this area.

tamashi rise of yokai ultimate skill

Yes, this is a lot of buttons, but they’re relatively simple. To open or close this menu, tap on the diamond icon on the right side of the screen, just above the combat interface.

tamashi rise of yokai user interface character
You and yours.

The character menu shows not only your character, but also a streamlined way to enhance various aspects of your character, such as your mount, your aide, your ornament, and your spiritlic.

The skills menu shows your skills, and it’s here that you can spend skill books and gems to unlock new passive skills.

tamashi rise of yokai user interface gear
This is my boomstick.

The gear menu is all things gear-related, and it also provides a handy interface for upgrading gear, gems, slotting gems, infusing gear with magnetite, and devouring items.

tamashi rise of yokai user interface costume
If I am going to die here, I am going to LOOK GOOD.

The image menu is where you can apply and upgrade cosmetic items. Do note that these items are not purely cosmetic – they give stats. You can change your character’s clothes, headgear, weapon, and even tracks left while running.

tamashi rise of yokai image
I honestly don’t know how many things are following me around.

The miko, artifact, transmo, tamashi, and demrit buttons bring you to different assistants in combat. Via this interface, you’ll be able to view their stats at a glance, as well as enhance and gear them up.

tamashi rise of yokai user interface inventory
They have sentimental value. Don’t judge me.

The bag button is your inventory. You can sort your inventory via multiple tabs to the right of the menu. To use an item, tap on it in this menu.

The clan button opens up your clan interface, which I’ll discuss in more depth later.

The index button opens up your area index, where you can spend mob crystals to increase your knowledge of an area, and consequently, your stats.

Finally, the mate button opens up the game’s romance system. I have absolutely no idea what it does, but I think it’s safe to assume it gives you stats.

tamashi rise of yokai user interface 6

The upper right menu is a proper beast, as you can see for yourself. This menu is really rather simple, though – any events are here, as well as dungeons. It’s a good rule to always check any button here that has an exclamation point on it, as that means free stuff. If you want to hide this menu (why wouldn’t you?!) you can tap on the arrow beside the map on the uppermost right.

Raise Your CP

CP – which I assume means Combat Power – is a number that roughly represents your character’s capabilities in Tamashi: Rise of Yokai. As you grow in level, unlock new features, and gain new gear, so too will your CP increase. There’s tons of ways to push this number up, and I’ll walk you through some of them.

And before it’s brought up, yes, there’s a very long and exhaustive refining system here, which deserves its own section.

Leveling Up

leveling up in tamashi rise of yokai
It’s a minor increase, but I’ll take it all the same.

Gaining levels is the easiest way to increase your CP by far. Each time you hit 100% experience, your level will increase.

I suggest eschewing grinding until you’re past the tutorial, meaning level 53 – the main quests give more than enough experience points for you to quickly jump levels, and they’ll also introduce you to Tamashi: Rise of Yokai’s many mechanics.

tamashi rise of yokai offline experience
Onsen episode.

One thing you can do for experience is to accumulate offline experience. This is a pool of experience that fills up while you’re offline, to a maximum of 48 hours. You can also opt to pay B Sycees to gain 1.5x as much experience from your offline experience pool. Do note that offline experience is more of a catch-up mechanic; it’s not as effective as grinding or questing on your own.

Grinding on Mobs

tamashi rise of yokai bot
The machinations of violence!

Like every MMO, you can also take out your fury on infinitely-respawning mobs. This nets you some experience and loot. Most notably, mobs can drop B Sycees, though only one at a time. I will warn you now though that the experience you get from grinding is absolutely dismal, so only grind if you’ve exhausted all other options for experience gain and really, really need that exp.

Thankfully, you can turn on the auto-combat setting (via the auto button on the upper right section near the chat box) so your character will automatically beat up nearby enemies until you decide they’ve had enough. Before you afk grind, make sure that you have enough reserved HP – you can get more of it by using HP Packs – as this will heal you every 5 seconds to ensure you don’t suffer a humiliating defeat from mobs that you can easily walk over.

tamashi rise of yokai seven cores
Before you even start grinding, make sure you have this.

One of the 7-day rewards for new players is an item called Seven Cores – Devouring Force which you can get by completing enough tasks on the first day. Before you set yourself to grind, be sure to redeem this core and exchange it for the relevant passive skill, Devouring Force.

This passive boon causes you to gain 20% more experience points from killing mobs, making grinding that much easier. On top of this, you can use exp cards to gain a multiplier for experience per kill, which fully stack with cards of different multipliers.

tamashi rise of yokai team
Bots are strong together.

If you’d like to accelerate your grinding even further, you can party up with nearby people – not only does this make scoring kills faster, but it also means you get more experience since your party will be clearing mobs faster. And while experience will be divided, it’s also boosted, so you’ll effectively be gaining more experience points per kill.

Thankfully, there’s no need for social interaction: if you’re in auto combat and the game detects there’s a nearby party, it will ask you if it should join the party. You can also toggle this notification off for the day, if you want just want to grind in (relative) silence.

Finally, there’s a happy hour for grinding, which I believe is roughly midnight. During this time, experience gains from mobbing are vastly increased, and yes, this fully stacks with other sources of bonus experience such as Devouring Force and exp cards.


tamashi rise of yokai blessing
In the name of RNG, I bless you with good rolls.

Another way to get large amounts of experience is to take advantage of blessings. This function is unlocked at level 40, but won’t start to take effect until later. Via the blessing system, you can both give and receive blessings from people on your friends list. Either of these actions will fill up your blessing bar, which can then be redeemed for a huge lump of sum experience once you hit level 55. You don’t lose anything by blessing others either, and you can bless friends 10 times per day, so help others help you!

The blessing system is located in the upper right menu. Just make sure to tuck the menu away when you’re done, unless you like screen clutter.

The Index

Beating up mobs also has its own reward, namely Wild Mob Crystals that can be filed under an area’s index, which provides passive boosts.

tamashi rise of yokai index
The creation of knowledge requires the destruction of mobs.

Each mob in a zone has a chance to drop a Wild Mob Crystal. By spending these crystals in the index menu, you can increase your understanding of the world around you, which translates to higher stats, and therefore higher CP.

Rebirth and Job Change: The Gateway to Skill Levels

If you’ve tried increasing your skill levels, you’ll realize that no, you can’t manually do that. This is where the game’s rebirth system comes into play.

tamashi rise of yokai job change
If the second cannoneer class is already “God” cannoneer, I shudder to think at how far standards have fallen.

Rebirth, contrary to its name, doesn’t cause your character to reset. Instead, it’s more akin to a job change quest from other MMOs. The rebirth quest has a number of nodes which also represent the number of requirements to fulfill. These are normally pretty easy as you’ll be doing (or will already have done) some of these requirements during the course of normal play.

Once you’ve lit up all the nodes, you’ll be able to hit the Rebirth button, changing your job title and increasing the rank of your skills. You’ll also get some other rewards, like new avatars for your profile.

Learning New Skills

Apart from leveling up your skills via rebirth, you can also learn new passive skills that will not only help you raise your CP, but provide benefits no matter the situation.

tamashi rise of yokai book skill
I heard you like skills, so I gave you more skills for your skills.

Passive skills come in two flavors – regular and special passives. Regular passive skills are available through the passive skill menu (tap the diamond on the right, then skills) and require skillbooks to both acquire and upgrade. Special passive skills require gems to learn, which can be earned in events.

tamashi rise of yokai passive skills
The best thing about passives is that you don’t need to think about them.

To get more special passive skills in Tamashi: Rise of Yokai, you’ll need to gain the appropriate items from the 7-day rewards for new players – the first of which is the Devouring Force core I mentioned earlier. If you thought you could sleep on those quests, don’t, as these passives are great additions to any character.

Adventurer Class

tamashi rise of yokai class
Instant 10k CP!

Raising your class in Tamashi: Rise of Yokai is like earning better certification. And just like any government certification, it requires you to jump through a lot of hoops. On the other hand, your class shows up beside your name at all times, and each rank gives a massive stat increase, so be sure to check for promotions whenever you can!

To open your class menu, open your character info (either by tapping your portrait in the upper left or via the diamond menu) then tap the Class panel – first panel that appears in the four panels on the right. This will bring up a menu where you’ll be presented the requirements for advancing your class, as well as the bonuses for doing so.

tamashi rise of yokai promotion
I got vaccinated for COVID and didn’t cry when the needle stabbed me. Does that count as “Proof of Courage”?

Later on, you’ll start needing certain items as a requirement. This is where those jigsaw pieces and needles that you may have found come in – the needles are used to fuse a certain amount of upgrade materials into one that can be used for class advancement.

Enhance Your Gear

Here’s where Tamashi: Rise of Yokai gets really meaty. By far, the biggest jumps to your CP will come from acquiring and upgrading your gear. There are a ton of augmentation processes to go through, so I’ll walk you through each of them.

Equipment Sets

You may have noticed a little popup in the upper left of the screen notifying you of your gear set progress. By completing a set of 8 pieces of gear with the same name and rarity, you not only unlock a set bonus, but also get a new piece of headwear that changes your character’s appearance. Do note that set bonuses aren’t passively added as you collect gear. You have to go to this screen to redeem your set bonus.

tamashi rise of yokai gear set
Thank God there’s an option to be rid of those massive twintails that increase my air drag.

Each tier of gear comes from different sources, and gives you a different item. Blue tier gear comes from the main quest, and some purple gear does too. As for orange gear? Good luck!

Grades, Gear, and Skills

Anything that isn’t technically a piece of gear (a shirt, pants, shoes, rings, etcetera) can be refined by increasing its grade. Tamashi: Rise of Yokai uses grades to distinguish how good a specific thing – whether it’s a mount, a miko, a tamashi, or what-have-you – is, with most things starting as G2 and increasing in number as they undergo more refinement.

tamashi rise of yokai miko
For lack of a better word, a miko is a “thing”.

Increasing grades naturally requires items. For each thing that can be grade-upgraded, there’s a corresponding advancement order which is used to upgrade. Note that upgrading isn’t foolproof either; while you won’t lose ranks for failing an upgrade, the medals will be consumed. It’s not all bad as failed upgrades will fill up a blessing bar, and your success rate increases the more the bar is filled up.

To get medals, you’ll need to either buy them from the B Sycee shop, get them from dungeons (note how the dungeon names correspond to the medal type they yield) and events.

tamashi rise of yokai solo dungeon
These daily dungeons give out advancement orders.

The same things that can be upgraded via advancement orders can also be given gear and new skills. As their grade increases, they’ll unlock new equipment slots (and these drop from dungeons too) and have access to new skills.                                                                                                               


Like grade advancement, actual equipment can be refined, this time represented by a numerical prefix in front of the item name (example, a +10 Fine Weapon). This upgrade process is very similar to grade enhancement, except you use Gear Refining Gems instead – and these are used for all equipment. There’s no separate gems for upgrading weapons, armor, or accessories.

tamashi rise of yokai weapon
Take a guess how many refining gems I sunk into this thing.

The bad thing here is that you will need a lot of these gems. Remember your dailies? And dungeons? Do them – they’re your best bet for getting gems. You can also optionally purchase more gems at the Sycee shop. While you will need a stupidly large amount of gems, gear upgrading uses a similar blessing system where each failure increases the chance of success.

In addition, the interface for upgrading can be a bit misleading, as there’s a separate “Enhance” and “Enhance All” button. What “Enhance All” really means is “spend all your gems enhancing this specific item”. If you tap on the “Enhance” button, you’ll instead cycle through your items in descending order. This makes sure that all your items are, more or less, at the same upgrade level.

tamashi rise of yokai shorts
I’ll be frank – 40% is not a betting chance.

Finally, there’s a wonderful button in the upgrade menu, labeled auto-purchase. If this box is checked, the game will automatically spend your B Sycees to buy enhancement materials if it runs out, which is great if you’re trying to push a specific piece of kit beyond its limits.


Equipment that’s been refined far enough has its Gem slots unlocked. Each equipment can have up to 6 Gem slots – each for a specific kind of Gem – and when slotted, these Gems provide additional stat points. Not bad!

tamashi rise of yokai gems
The eternal rocks, if you will.

You can get Gems from quests, dungeons, and the shop. Even better, you can actually combine Gems if you have enough Gems of the same grade. You can do this via the Gem menu in your equipment screen, or automatically when slotting Gems.


tamashi rise of yokai infusion
Hypothesis: adding more shiny rocks to equipment makes it stronger.

Your equipment can also further be customized via infusion. This refers to the act of using magnetite to  increase the stats of an object. Whenever you use magnetite, a random amount of a certain stat is added to an item – and yes, expect low rolls to be the norm. I advise you do magnetite refinement last as in general, the payoff from it is far smaller than other forms of gear enhancement.


Quests in Tamashi: Rise of Yokai follow a simple format – it is, after all, an MMO-style game. These are usually kill quests (or sometimes kill quests disguised as fetch quests) that reward a decent amount of experience points. “Decent” might be understating it as these quests are the best way to rush levels.

The game’s tutorial runs all the way up to level 53, at which point you’ll be introduced to level blocking in the main quest. In the interest of unlocking new content, I suggest using the game’s auto-quest function to speed through quests.

tamashi rise of yokai auto questing
I’ll be honest – half the time, I don’t know what’s happening.

Auto-questing will not only automatically search for NPCs and talk to them, but it’ll also wipe out mobs and interact with objects that need to be interacted with. If you want to auto-quest, you can tap the quest name on the upper left quest tab, then make sure that auto mode is on (upper right, near the toolbox). Do take note that auto-questing will continue pursuing the quest chain you’ve indicated – and yes, that means that it will automatically complete your 20 daily quests without any input from you.


Dungeons are an integral part of questing in Tamashi: Rise of Yokai, and the main quest will make you visit each dungeon at least once.

There are multiple kinds of dungeons available, but in general, they fall under two categories: solo and co-op.

tamashi rise of yokai expedition
If you want to travel fast, travel alone.

Solo dungeons are exactly what they say they are. The most common solo dungeons are your daily dungeons, where you can get advancement orders as mentioned earlier. Other solo dungeons include the Samsara, where you fight bosses of increasing difficulty for lots of rewards (but once only!) and the Virtue Realm, where you’re given one minute to defeat a wave of enemies, with them increasing in difficulty.

Expeditions are another kind of solo dungeon that gives gear and B Sycees. The Void Path and Tamashi Trial pit you against waves of monstesr as well, with different currencies. And remember that repeatable dungeons can eventually be purged – meaning auto-cleared.

tamashi rise of yokai co-op
If you want to travel far, travel together.

Co-op dungeons are run with other players. While I haven’t run all of them, in my experience, this usually consists of monsters with a lot more HP. These give out different prizes, so be sure to complete them alongside your daily solo dungeons.

Join A Clan

Naturally, you’ll want to join a clan to become stronger. Clans offer their members the ability to collaborate for personal and collective glory.

tamashi rise of yokai clan list
Did I already say “together strong” here? I probably did. I’ll say it again anyway – TOGETHER STRONG!

Clan Benefits

When you join a clan, you’ll gain access to clan skills, clan daily activities, prayers, and the clan beast.

tamashi rise of yokai clan skills
A drip in the bucket, but enough drips eventually overflow.

Clan skills are small passives that boost your base stats. They’re not much, but they do provide minor, constant improvement.

Clan daily activities give your clan funds and crystal experience. As clan grows in wealth and strength, it’ll be able to give greater benefits to its members, as well as tackle more difficult content.

tamashi rise of yokai bead
Smash them and get a prize.

Prayers allow you to gain random rewards. You can only pray a certain number of times per day, and just like the miko escort event, you can spend B Sycees to increase the rank of the bead you get. Once you’re set, the beads will open after some time. Clan members can help you smash your beads, greatly reducing the amount of time they need.

The clan beast is an intriguing case of feeding a monster until it’s ready to be sacrificed. By giving your beast food, it’ll grow in strength – leading to better drops when your clan finally faces it in the Divine Beast Trial. There are 5 tiers of beast strength.

Picking Fights with Other Clans

tamashi rise of yokai clan war
The time-honored human tradition of beating the crap out of one another.

Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday, from 8:00 – 8:30pm, clans can join the Clan Siege event, a clan-based PVP mode where clan members must work together to defeat mobs and wipe out members of a rival clan while securing certain regions. It’s a large, king-of-the-hill type PVP mode, and participating in it nets you clan contribution for clan skills, as well as other prizes such as titles, gems, and B Sycees.

Join Events

This is not a suggestion. You will join events, and you will gain rewards such as experience, loot, and upgrade materials. Unless you’re actually in the game the moment an event starts, you’ll automatically be pulled into an event after 30 seconds.

But as they give out rewards like candy, that’s not a bad thing.

OX Quiz

tamashi rise of yokai ox quiz
Oh no, I accidentally posted this picture of me winning the Genius title. How clumsy of me.

The OX Quiz is a very simple event – you’ll be given a true or false question, and you just have to pick your answer. You have 20 seconds to pick your answer, and for each correct answer you get, you’ll get points and experience. This experience can stack up very quickly, so I highly suggest either Googling answers or writing them down. You can also get some neat rewards, such as prize bags and a title if you finish in first place.

Miko Escort

tamashi rise of yokai miko escort
Seriously lady, it’s not that far. You can walk yourself.

The Miko Escort side quest also offers quite a bit of experience. Unlike what the name might suggest, you will rarely – if ever – be attacked by enemies on the way. However, just like any escort mission, your move speed is horrendously slowed. Thankfully, you only have to walk a few maps, and the game’s auto quest feature will walk for you.

On the plus side, it does offer oodles of experience. The downside? It’s only available at certain times of the day and the miko you get is random, with each miko giving a different amount of experience. If you want to earn even more experience, you can spend Goddess Orders to increase the tier of miko you’ll escort. You can buy more Goddess Orders with your B Sycees.

World Bosses

tamashi rise of yokai world bosses
Thanks for showing up just to die, I guess.

World Bosses are powerful monsters that spawn at regular intervals. While fighting them is definitely a challenge, the rewards are well worth it: Sycees, demrit materials, and transmogrification pieces are just a sampling of the prizes a boss drops.

To check which world bosses are active and which ones are dead (as well as their respawn times), open the upper right menu – yes, the giant one – and tap on the button labeled Devil F.L. This menu will also let you see the prizes each boss drops, and adds an easy way to travel to their location, assuming they’re still standing.

The Grind

tamashi rise of yokai daily benefits
Fun fact – the sycee, or yuanbao – was an ingot formed of either gold or silver and forged into decorative shapes, and was used as currency. The more you know.

As an MMO-style game, progress in Tamashi: Rise of Yokai is going to be gated by a lot of resources. Luckily for us, there are lots of ways to nab some free stuff, whether it’s Sycees, gear, cosmetics, or upgrade materials. And there’s lots of ways to earn it too, whether it’s daily quests, logins, or what-have-you.

First 7 Days Login Rewards

Tamashi: Rise of Yokai gives a lot of good stuff for new players, and these rewards are slowly given to you over the course of 7 days. This bonus is unlocked at roughly level 23, after the quest where you talk to Peach at Qionghua Tianfu.

tamashi rise of yokai login rewards
Well that sounds useful.

It’s important to note that these rewards are retroactive. If you’ve been playing Tamashi: Rise of Yokai for a while but haven’t gotten around to unlocking the daily login prizes, it’ll still count any day that you played in its counter. This potentially means that you can redeem multiple tiers of rewards at once.

Daily Stuff

Apart from the new player bonus, there are also more mundane daily rewards that coincidentally become available at around the same time as you unlock the 7-day login reward.

tamashi rise of yokai daily rewards
Stick around long enough, and you get a little something for your time.

For starters, there’s a reward for staying logged in long enough. As you’ll probably be grinding or auto-questing anyway, you may as well go for the 2 hour login for a grand total of 60 B Sycees per day.

Daily quests are a thing, and virtually all of them are kill quests. Our old friend auto-quest will be in full force here, and if you have a clan, you’ll have even more daily quests as others will be used to enhance your clan’s strength.

tamashi rise of yokai ads
Of course.

You can also watch ads to gain a pittance of B Sycees and advancement orders. I’m not kidding when I say pittance – you’d literally get more Sycees from grinding. Unless you’re really strapped for orders, I wouldn’t advise using this function. You can watch up to 12 ads per day.

Finally, there’s the activity bar which is similar to other games I’ve played before, like Evony: The King’s Return. What’s different about this activity bar is that it also gives you stats by way of leveling up your transmogrification…sprite? Servant? Thing.

tamashi rise of yokai activity bar
It’s a thing.

To check what activities give you points for each category, tap the icon of that category. And since you’re already there, don’t forget to claim your chests for filling up the bar at the bottom of the screen.

The Arena

tamashi rise of yokai fight
Are you not entertained? Because I am.

The arena is where you go if you want to pick fights with your neighbors. There’s a good reason for doing so, too: each fight, win or lose, nets you some B Sycees and Glory Points that can be used as currency in the shop. You’re also given more Glory Points based on your ranking when the ladder settles down, which occurs at 9:00pm daily. Aim high and get paid!

Gift Codes

What mobile game wouldn’t be without gift codes? To redeem gift codes, go to the upper left menu, then tap the Daily Benefits menu, and go to Redeem Giftpack. Any prizes you get here will go to your inbox – if you’ve forgotten how to get there, go to Social (near the chatbox), then Mail (tabs on the right side of the screen).

tamashi rise of yokai codes

Here’s a list of gift codes that I was able to successfully redeem.





Be on a constant lookout for more codes, whether it’s through the Tamashi: Rise of Yokai social media channels or in your server’s world chat.

That’s A Wrap!

Tamashi: Rise of Yokai is a very big game, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I missed out quite a bit – but I’m confident the basics are all here, and they’ll serve as the foundation of your journey.

tamashi rise of yokai end
I derive a certain satisfaction from seeing the numbers increase.

With that, the beginner’s guide to Tamashi: Rise of Yokai comes to an end. If there’s anything I missed, or if there’s something else you’d like to add, make yourself heard in the comment section below!